Samsung 34-inch ultrawide monitor is just now $200

Samsung 34-inch ultrawide monitor is just now $200

I switched to an oversized ultrawide display as my primary monitor a few years ago. I did it for gaming, but it’s also been a really helpful boost to my productivity, as I use apps side by side for almost everything that isn’t video. Microcenter is currently offering a 34-inch ultrawide monitor from Samsung with full resolution for just $199.99 if you’d want to become a member of the club.

What does “full-res” mean? With a resolution of 3440×1440, the ViewFinity S5 essentially has the same vertical resolution as a 27-inch 1440p monitor, but with an aspect ratio of 21:9. A few similarly sized monitors have been seen on the market, however, their 1080p basic screen panel was skimped on. This is a genuine article.

Even so, some sacrifices must be made to reach that low cost. Since the panel is VA rather than IPS, the color fidelity isn’t quite accurate enough for professional or media photography. Additionally, it’s good for gaming at a refresh rate of 100Hz, but even with AMD FreeSync technology, you won’t be able to fully utilize a more powerful system. It also doesn’t have a sophisticated curvature. Also, keep in mind that shipping costs will apply if there isn’t a MicroCenter physical location in your area.

Even though shipping is extra, this is as affordable as it gets if you’re seeking the increased productivity and field of view that an ultrawide monitor offers. Keep in mind that MicroCenter’s sales sometimes end quickly, so items could run out of stock soon.

It also has AMD FreeSync and a refresh rate of 100 Hz. With the use of this technology, the display can eliminate any potential framerate stuttering and screen tearing that may happen while playing. It also has cutting-edge technology that can handle a far wider range of colors.

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