Best 2 in 1 laptops under 400$

Best 2 in 1 laptops under 400$

Nowadays it is hard to find a decent laptop for use for under 400$. You have let go of some of the features at this price but we announced to you the good news that you still can find a laptop at 400$ with brilliant specs. In this way, you don’t have to compromise on any feature at 400$. You still get a fast processor, sufficient ram, and large storage with satisfying battery backup.

We have kept some 2-in-1 laptops on our list. These laptops at 400$ have all the features that should be enough for handling daily tasks. We are going to discuss these, laptops below. Finding a laptop for work is a hard and tiring job. Since technology has grown so many gadgets, applications, software and library are introduced that need a fine laptop to handle all this stuff. It doesn’t mean that you find a laptop at 400$, there are still some great laptops out there. We have listed some 2-in-1 laptops let’s see what they are offering for 400$.

List of 11 Best 2-in-1 laptops under $400 By Best computer finder

HP Chromebook x360


•        Product Dimensions      5.31×3.54×2.95 inches

•        Weight                               3.50 pounds

•        RAM                                    4 GB

•        CPU                                   Intel Celeron

•        Graphics Processor          Integrated

•        Screen Display                14 Inches

•        Operating System           Chrome OS

•        Battery Life                        12 Hours and 30 minutes

If you are looking compact and durable laptop at the price of 400$, HP Chromebook 360 is the best option for you. This is a 14-inch screen laptop with a long battery time which is highly preferable for entertainment purposes like watching videos and movies.

If we look at its features it is a 14-inch display screen laptop with a 360 hinge, so the user can thrive in any position he/she wants to. Another fascinating feature of this device is that it lets you use the android app on your laptop while you are connected to your phone. It is a durable and sturdy laptop for use for under 400$. It has the capability of fast processing speed and security. It has 4GB ram, which can be upgradable if you feel any need to increase it.

It weighs only 3.50 pounds, convenient for carrying one another place easily. 12 hours of battery timing is good enough for long-schedule work. This 2-in-1 HP Chromebook is the perfect machine for students under 400$.

Highlighted Features

•        Fast processor

•        Upgradable RAM

•        Sufficient storage

•        14 inches display

•        Good quality USI stylus

•        Durable and portable

•        Access to Google Play store

•        360 degrees hinge design for ergonomic modes of working

•        Metal keyboard

•        B$O audio

•        Built-in Webcam

•        Precise touchpad with gesture capabilities

•        Does not become noisy after heavy use

•        Narrow bezels

•        Long battery life

Acer Chromebook Spin


•       Product Dimensions      11.65×8.11×0.79 inches

•       Weight                               2.62 pounds

•       RAM                                    4 GB

•       CPU                                   Intel Celeron

•       Graphics Processor          Intel UHD Graphics 600

•       Screen Display                11.6 Inches

•       Operating System           Chrome OS

•       Battery Life                        10 Hour

Acer still offers wonderful durable laptops under 400$. Acer introduces its marvelous model at an affordable price with innovative design and perfect portability. According to many Consumers, it is the best laptop at a reasonable cost with an 11inch IPS display, which is also capable of playing videos and games.

Acer Chromebook possesses enough UHD 600 graphics which is capable of playing programs and software with a graphical interface. It has 4GB which is enough for students to make presentations and assignments or study purposes. If you want more upgradation, thus it can be increasable.

 This 2-in-1 convertible Chromebook is thin and sleek in design. Though it is slim and can be fit anywhere. It only weighs 2.62 pounds which is convenient for anyone who travels a lot. Acer Chromebook has 10 hours of battery run time which is another good feature that can work for a $400 budget for any student who works for a long period without abrupt shutdown.

Highlighted Features

•        Powerful processor

•        Good graphics

•        Built-in storage on Google Drive

•        Precise touchpad

•        The touchscreen can resist dirt and damage

•        Good screen resolution

•        Bright screen

•        Image auto-rotation mode

•        HD Webcam

•        Multiple connectivity ports

•        Built-in virus protection

•        Lightweight 2-in-1 Chrome OS

•        Good battery life

Asus Vivobook flip 12


•        Product Dimensions        11×7.87×0.7 inches

•        Weight                               2.80 pounds

•        RAM                                    4 GB

•        CPU                                   Intel Celeron

•        Graphics Processor          Intel HD Graphics 500

•        Screen Display                11.6 Inches

•        Operating System           Windows 10 OS

•        Battery Life                        8 Hour

Asus Vivo book flip 12 is 2 in 1 convertible laptop, it is for those people who have a budget under 400$. It is a versatile and durable laptop with high-performance specs. This is an 11.6-inch laptop with a bright and clear display. Ram is 4GB which is enough for normal tasks, if you find this low then it can be increased. It weighs 2.80 pounds only which makes it easy for traveling if you are going on a business trip, then it is best for you.

You can get this Chromebook for just 400$ with a 360-degree hinge which is designed according to ergonomics. This device possesses Intel HD graphics 500 which is good enough for handling average graphics. It has a battery time of 8 hours which is good enough for long work under 400$.

Highlighted Features

•        Powerful processor

•        Ample storage

•        Precise touchpad

•        Lightweight

•        Portable

•        360 degrees flexible hinge design

•        Best quality audio

•        Faster Wi-Fi connectivity

•        Windows S mode

•        Good battery life

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


•        Product Dimensions        11.35×0.67×8.2 inches

•        Weight                               2.98 pounds

•        RAM                                    4 GB

•        CPU                                   Intel Celeron

•        Graphics Processor          Intel HD Graphics 615

•        Screen Display                12.2 Inches

•        Operating System           Chrome OS

•        Battery Life                       Upto 17.5 Hours

If you searching for gaming as well as studying laptops then the Samsung Chromebook plus v2 is an option under the budget of 400$. It is much durable, sturdy, and smooth device for studying and normal use. Samsung Chromebook Plus screen resolution is also much better than expected in 12-inch laptops at the price of 400$.

This Samsung Chromebook possesses an Intel Celeron processor which has a fast processing speed and is capable of playing games and videos. It has a battery run time of 17 hours which is an essential feature for a student and programmer.

Samsung Chromebook is a light-weighted laptop with high portability weighing 2.98 pounds. Though it is a fine working laptop with an elegant design at a cheap price. Speakers are better at working and audible but are not compatible with an expensive 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

Highlighted Features

•        Powerful processing

•        Precise touchscreen

•        Flexible hinge

•        Sufficient storage

•        Good display

•        Better screen resolution

•        Lightweight

•        Portable

•        13MP cameras

•        Laptop for drawing and art

•        Incredible battery life

New Asus Vivo Book 14 Inch


•        Product Dimensions        11×7.87×0.7 inches

•        Weight                               2.80 pounds

•        RAM                                    4 GB

•        CPU                                   Intel Celeron

•        Graphics Processor          Intel HD Graphics 500

•        Screen Display                11.6 Inches

•        Operating System           Windows 10 OS

•        Battery Life                        8 Hour

If you need a laptop with 2 in 1 convertible feature then this new Asus Vivo book 11.6-inch screen laptop will fulfill your requirements. It has a great performance laptop with decent specs. It weighs 2.80 pounds which makes it light and thin like a notepad, and easy to keep in your backpack. Ram is 4GB which is enough under a 400$ budget but you can upgrade it if you feel it is low for your work. Storage is 64GB which is ample storage for storing files.

Asus Vivo book has several features but one of the best features is security. It has a fingerprint reader that is significant for security, especially when traveling slots so can this easy your laptop secure? Open and close the laptop with your fingerprint to make sure that your data is safe.

It has 8 hours of battery timing for working for long periods. Well, overall it is the best laptop we get under the 400 budget.

Highlighted Features

•        It has an affordable design.

•        The design is ergonomic.

•        Fast processing.

2 in 1 Asus Vivo Book Flip 14 laptop

Most people seek a lightweight and slim laptop for their work. This 2-in-1 convertible laptop is the one you opt for. It is a much handier and slim laptop that makes it easy for us to carry it for traveling.

Asus Vivo book is especially for traveling purposes. For teachers or college students who go to study out of the city. It is the best device for them under the 400$ budget in 2022.It can be used in flip mode, can be used on tablets. You can watch movies, videos, or live streams from its 14-inch display screen which consists of Nano-edge technology.

It is the perfect laptop for watching movies with your friends because it has loud and powerful speakers contained with it we don’t have to use our hands obviously since it already possesses built-in speakers with an HD screen. Since it has a long battery backup you can use it for work or watch movies the whole day after a full charge. This is the best package for sophomores to buy decent laptops with brilliant specs at an affordable cost.

It contains 4GB Ram and 64GB hard disk so installing and running any program or software is not a problem anymore. It is made up of a metal body with high durability which is the perfect choice to buy a laptop at a cheap price in 2022.

Highlighted Features

•        Affordable Price

•        Durable metal body.

•        Ergonomic design.

Dell Inspiron

A person who is fond of watching movies or TV series. Is seeking a laptop then this 14-inch touchscreen dell Inspiron is definitely for him. This one is the best option which is suitable for watching twitch or Netflix.

Dell made the most affordable and advanced laptops. It is a 2-in-1 laptop, you can use it as a tablet too with its touchscreen. It is ideal for online videos and highly recommended for college students who have to make assignments. It is contained 4GB ram which allows users to watch or stream online. Dell Inspiron is also ideal for streaming challenges. Any online instructor or student who is seeking to earn online through streaming videos, then they can opt for this dell Inspiron for their use.

Moreover, it acquires a 4GB processor and an 8th generation Intel processor so lagging is not possible with this processor. The 8th generation makes it run smoothly whatever task you have to perform on this, it doesn’t lag. You can store several pdf, PSD, and word files in it because it contains 128 SSD of storage so storing massive data is not a problem. This laptop has an ergonomic design so you can use it in the comfortable position you want it. Use can flip it use it like a tablet which is best for watching movies and online videos.

It has windows 10 you are amazed by its number of new features and apps. You can enjoy movies and videos through its built-in sound system. It has an HDMI port you can just connect it to larger devices. It has a core i3 8th generation processor which is a very beneficial feature under 400$.

Highlighted Features

•        It is easy to use.

•        The price is affordable.

HP Pavilion 360

This laptop HP is best for students who are seeking a laptop for online classes or to make assignments. The HP pavilion is the ideal option for him. This is an 11.6 touch screen laptop, which is 360 rotation mode which is beneficial for using it for multipurpose. It contains 8GB ram for high-speed processing. It is also significant for storing an enormous amount of data, it has sufficient space of 512GB so it has the capability for maximum storage.

It has built-in windows 10 which is responsible for allowing us many features and apps. It’s Intel 605 HD graphics provide a clear allowance of videos and displays. It has Bluetooth connectivity through it can share your files with your friends and family. You can call on live video for your business conference with its HD webcam.

It has a connectivity port like an HDMI port to view visuals on a large screen. This laptop is available in beautiful silver color with a durable body. It has 8.5 hours of battery time though it is ideal for online teaching for a long time without any trouble.

Highlighted Features

•        Fast processing.

•        Large SSD memory size.

Convertible Inspiron Touch Screen

Dell introduces it to another awesome 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen laptop. This is a laptop with wonderful specifications applicable to professional work.

This 11.6-inch laptop is specially made for high school or college students who seek a laptop for online videos or studying online or for making assignments and presentations. It is 2 in 1 convertible laptop which can be used in tablet mode.

If we talk about its specification it has a brilliant ram and storage system, It consists of AMD dual-core processor and 8GB ram which is responsible for fast performance. It has a fast processing system in such a small design. You can stream online without any interruption and have a capability of 256GB storage so storing files and programs is not a big problem. It has a loud and clear built-in audio system which is significant for online streaming and remote working.

It is available in gray color. It has connectivity ports like USB 3.1 and headphones ports. You can share multimedia with Bluetooth connectivity and also contains a webcam for talking to your family and friends online.

Highlighted Features

•        Fast processing speed.

•        Ergonomic design and multi-mode use.

Samsung 2 in 1 Chromebook Plus V2

Chromebooks are useful and convenient laptops for students and senior citizens. It is best for housewives who want to work remotely for earning a few bucks. Chromebooks work smoothly and produce great results. They are fast and lightweight laptops with long battery backups. It is the best 2-in-1 laptop for under $400.

Samsung laptops include among the best laptops in the world. It is Samsung 2-in-1 Chromebook is a lightweight machine. You can take it to the university for studying or even for traveling if you are going on a college trip or some, where it is easy for carrying it in your bag. Chromebooks are the best portable laptops under a $400 budget. You can use it as a tablet by folding it. It is best for writing, drawing illustrations, and sketching. You can it with a light pen for writing your notes.

Chromebooks have the best reviews from their customers in 2022 known for their portability and performance under a $400 budget.

This Chromebook contains a dual camera capable of clicking beautiful pictures in HD. Especially its front camera has a high-resolution picture-capturing capability. It also possesses a webcam which is beneficial for connecting with your friends and family.

However, it is for watching tv series on Netflix and twitch. It has a long battery run time so you can work for several hours. It has 64GB storage capability for storing plenty of essential files.

Highlighted Features

•        Lightweight

•        Multi-mode usage with an additional pen.

•        Affordable price.

Lenovo New 300e Flagship

If you are an academic student and you need a convertible 2-in-1 laptop for your basic tasks this Lenovo 300e flagship would be the best laptop for you. It is the best 2-in-1 laptop for college students, online instructors, and you tubers.

Lenovo has provided the best laptop with advanced features under an affordable budget. It is a multimode laptop used for different purposes it folds to use like a tablet. If you are a college student then it is the best laptop for you for making assignments or taking notes. Its ergonomic design and keyboard help us to work anywhere with more comfort.

This laptop possesses Intel Quad core Celeron processing for the fast processor. It has 4GB of ram capable of fast processing. The 64 SSD hard drive is available in this laptop for enough storage of files and software. With Intel 500 HD graphics it will not lag and handle any kind of high graphics. It got a connectivity port for USB type C and USB type A and Bluetooth for connectivity and transferring of files and multimedia with friends and family. With windows 10 we can use features and apps through it. With its HD webcam, we can communicate with our family live. It is the best Chromebook for general use in 2022.

Highlighted Features

•        Bluetooth Connectivity.

•        Ergonomic design.

FAQS – Clearing your thoughts about choosing the best 2-in-1 laptops in 2022.

What is the best 2-in-1 laptop to buy?

Asus flip 12 Vivo book is the best 2-in-1 best for online teaching, YouTubers, students, and for watching Netflix and twitch. It has a fast processor, long battery life, brilliant display, and excellent graphic resolution system to buy under 400$ budget.

Are 2 in 1 laptops better than laptops?

2 in 1 laptops are compatible with daily work. It is the best choice for students. If you are willing to buy a laptop for a heavy project then 2 in 1 is not the option for you. You have to raise your budget for buying a laptop with good specs and high performance.

What are the advantages of 2 in 1 laptop?

These 2 in 1 laptops are really compatible. These are lightweight and portable machines. Also, they have a long battery time which is an attractive feature for the users.

Are 2 in 1 laptops good for college?

They are best for college students or traveler who travels a lot. It is a lightweight laptop, easy to carry in the bag and move around.

What is the difference between a Chromebook and a laptop?

The major difference between Chromebook and a laptop is its operating system. Chromebooks have chrome os while the other hand laptop has mac or windows. Chromebooks are light in weight and available on a low budget. Chromebooks consume less power, on the other hand, laptops consume a lot of power for performing tasks.

Q1: What is the best laptop for under 400?

The Chromebooks we mentioned above are the best under 400.

Q2: What is the best 2-in-1 laptop to buy?

To find more best we have recommended some best guides for laptops under 600.

Q3: What is the best 17-inch laptop to buy?

The 17-inch laptop is not available for under 400$. For larger screen budget should increase a bit. Review our guides on laptops under $500. (Link required).

Some 17-inch laptops are available for under $1000 and can be viewed here (link).

Our Final Recommendation

2 in 1 convertible hybrid laptops are trending nowadays among users. It is convenient for everyone to buy. It is lightweight and available at a cheap price which makes it easier for customers to buy it. Why do you have to buy a tablet when you can make this laptop used as a tablet? For the normal task, you should not waste money on buying such an expensive laptop. Until unless you don’t feel the need to buy a laptop with high functionality you should use these 2 in 1 laptops for daily work.

What to Know for Good Purchase

Hybrid Screen: If you want to use it as a tablet then it must have a touch screen.

Ram: 4GB is good enough for ordinary work but 8GB should be considered to bear excessive loads

SSD Storage: SSD storage improves the performance of the system, some systems have 64GB but some have more.

Screen resolution: Your screen must possess HD resolution for a good display.

Battery: 5-6 hours should be suitable for laptops.

Connectivity: Your laptops should have enough USB ports and Bluetooth for connectivity with other laptops.

Weight: You should search for a laptop that is light in weight and easy to carry around.

If you are searching for laptops with high functionality and a little bit expensive in budget then review our guide in 2022(link)

These 2-in-1 convertible laptops do not have many powerful processors. It only contains 4GB ram but it is recommended by many users. It is best for the students for making assignments or study. These laptops are available at a low budget of $400 however, they have a long battery time which is an acceptable feature that people consider it buying. It can become a great choice for writers and bloggers.

At the price of 400 dollars, we have listed the best 2-in-1 laptops which can be considered for your use. Obviously, for 400$ the specs are limited may be ram is limited then your expected graphics are not as best as compared to high functional laptop but this is the best you can get for 400$. We have mentioned the best in our list under $400.

These laptops we mentioned in our list are the best laptops you can get under 400$budget. These all are lightweight and portable laptops. You can use them as tablets and laptops both. They have ample storage and enough ram. Thus, it is best for college students and content writers. You can’t perform heavy stuff on these laptops for that you should buy laptops at a higher price range but these laptops are just enough for normal use and are preferable to many users. I hope through our guide you will be able to get to choose a laptop for use. Read our more guides on laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and accessories.

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