7 Best Budget Graphics Card

7 Best Budget Graphics Card

When you are looking for equipment related to gaming the main thing that matters is graphics cards. A good graphics card doesn’t only support the game but produces the display result. Whenever we are looking for a graphic card the market is always short on it. We find it in high price. For 1000$ desktop the graphic card must go of high price too.

Obviously, you’ll have to increase the price range to get a better graphic card. But what if you’re tight on pocket this issue also has to solve. Don’t worry through this guide that we made for you, you will get a list of graphic cards under an affordable budget. No matter how far technology goes, I think there must be these types of reasonable pieces of stuff that should be here to make an affordable gaming Pc. It is everyone’s right to get cheap graphic cards for gaming, movies, and videos. Well, through this guide you will find some stuff for you under 100.

Top 7 Best Graphics Cards By Bestcomputerfinder

1.  MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3

This graphic card is presented by NVidia GeForce GT 710 processor which is also known as GPU. GPU is considered an important part of graphic cards.2GB of VRAM is in this graphic card you can get and it weighs 0.44 pounds. This graphic card offers a brilliant environment for games and multimedia. Not only that it also supported video recording and wireless control from android and iOS devices.

You can enjoy the videos and images with MSI GeForce GT 710 Low Profile graphics card. This 2 GB DDR3 ram, it is offering the best photo editing, video editing, and fastest web browsing as compared to the built-in graphic card. You can control the game settings by using its drivers


  • Excellent performance
  • Best deal under 100 dollars
  • Heatsink ability


  • The cooling system is not that impressive.

2.  Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5

The WINDFORCE 2X cooling framework incorporates two 80mm single-sharp edge fans and a semi-inactive 3D dynamic fan that productively disseminates heat for further developed execution at lower temperatures and is viewed as the best gaming GPU. The wind stream is conveyed along the edge of the fan triangle and is directed flawlessly by the bent 3D strip on the fan surface, actually further developing the wind stream. The semi-uninvolved fans will stay off when the GPU is under a specific burden or temperature set for low-power gaming. Permits players to appreciate gaming in complete quietness when the framework is on or inactive.

The GTX 1050 Wind force OC will convey mid-range illustrations execution in present-day AAA 2016 games, albeit this casing rate will transform, we anticipate that this card should convey around 53 edges each second at normal design settings and screen goal. 1080p. conversely, this card will outflank the GTX 960 somewhat. With a straightforward snap on the XTREME Motor utility, gamers can undoubtedly change the card to suit different gaming needs, without the information on overclocking and the issue of manual tuning. The GPU can get to the quick 2GB GDDR5 outline cradle through the 128-digit memory interface, while the memory clock is 3504MHz, which is perfect.

Low RDS MOSFETs are explicitly intended to create a lower exchanging opposition for quicker charging and releasing of power at exceptionally low temperatures. The metal loop contains substantially more high-recurrence energy than ordinary iron curls and actually diminishes center energy misfortune and EMI impedance. Fixed capacitors with lower ESR give better electronic conductivity to phenomenal framework execution and longer life. So it is the best illustration card.


  • Suitable for many games requirements
  • Affordable price
  • Good graphic cards underprice 100$


  • The fan is a little noisy.

3.  MSI AMD Radeon R72402364P 2GB DDR3

Now we have another graphic card MSI AMD Radeon on our list. It not only supports games but also videos and images of good quality. MSI R72402364P is a gaming weapon. It delivers high performance by producing great visuals in your favorite games. You can play dozens of games with its powerful support. It has 2GB of Ram size which is responsible for supporting visuals at high resolution.

It includes the mis solid capacitor which provides long life and stability. If we talk about MSI burner it is a widely used graphic card overlocking program providing control over graphic cards. It will be your best GPU under 100$.


•     Heatsink ability

•     Good performance

•     Best gaming GPU under an affordable budget.


•     Cooling system has low quality

4.  ViewMax GeForce GT 740 4GB GDDR3

If you want to increase your entire computer performance then bring this view max GeForce GT 740 which would be best for your system. With this graphics card upgrade, you can enhance your web browsing, video streaming, photos, and gaming it delivers 4x faster gaming performance while increasing readability and stability. This will gives great support to installing VGA, HDMI, and DVI. With this, your web page will load faster than you expected. You can play any game of your choice. It is the best graphic card you can get in under 100$.



  • Noisy fan

5.  EVGA GeForce GT 1030 SC 2GB GDDR5

This NVIDIA illustrations card is fueled by an NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 processor, otherwise called a GPU, which is the main part of any PCGameBenchmark designs card. Processors are positioned by the quantity of the main 1000 computer games the chip can run. This PC illustrations card has a chip fit for running 484 of the initial 1000 games, which is the reason we give it a 48% rating. Among the games, this illustration card can run is Overwatch. This design card can run 307 of the best computer games utilizing PCGameBenchmark’s Rate My PC administration. To test the ongoing design and set up an examination. Get this best $100 illustration card and make your PC worth the cash.

We have arrived at the Best $100 design card. Gigabyte conveyed the GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile 2G to grandstand the most recent expansion from Nvidia. The card accompanies a full-level opening section, as well as a half-level section for flimsy cases. While our example is effectively cooled, Gigabyte sells an inactive model with similar clock speeds. Low profile and detached cooling? Indeed. The GeForce GT 1030 purposes the new GPU GP108 comprised of 1.8 billion semiconductors. With just 70mm², this is extremely simple because of the equivalent 14nm FinFET process used to make the GP107. Contrast that with the GeForce GT 730 chip with 1.02 billion GK208 semiconductors on an 84mm² chip. Or on the other hand, shouldn’t something be said about the GeForce GTX 750 Ti with which we contended in the present benchmarks for the GT 1030? The GM107 GPU on this board has a similar number of semiconductors as the GP108, however, sits in a 148mm² cluster through a 28nm cycle.


  • Great performance
  • Best deal under 100


  • Trails AMD’s Radeon RX 550 in DX12/Vulkan-based games

6. ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition 4GB DDR3

This NVIDIA design card has an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 processor. The GeForce GT 730 is an extraordinary update for your coordinated illustrations card and works on the general execution of your PC. The GeForce GT 730 joins strong NVIDIA CUDA centers and huge memory to convey elite execution in the most recent 3D games and applications. You get super-quick web perusing, extraordinary photograph, and video altering, and a very point-by-point gaming experience.

This card has an inconspicuous plan and comes pre-designed with the GeForce GT 730, it’s an extraordinary update for your incorporated illustrations card and outline map. The GeForce GT 730 joins strong NVIDIA CUDA centers and extraordinary individuals to convey superior execution in the most recent 3D games and applications. You get super-quick web perusing, incredible photograph and video altering, and a nitty-gritty gaming experience. Various NVIDIA developments like NVIDIA Encompass, NVIDIA Versatile Vertical Sync, and the new FXAA hostile to associating mode offer you the best GPU under 100 and different ways of making your gaming experience.

This board has an inconspicuous plan and is preconfigured with a full-level section. Incorporates two low sections for simple coordination into HTPC and other little structure frameworks. The latent cooling arrangement furnishes calm activity without commotion and with a full-level section. Incorporates two low-profile sections for simple joining into HTPC and other little structure factor frameworks. The latent cooling arrangement guarantees calm activity without commotion and a modest illustrations card under 100.


  • Best graphic card under 100$
  • Great performance
  • Suitable for many games


  • Noisy

7.  Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI NVidia GeForce GT

This NVIDIA illustrations card is fueled by the NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 processor. The processor likewise called the GPU is the main piece of any illustration card. PCGameBenchmark lets processors know the number of the 1000 best computer games the chip can run.

This design card for PC has a chip that can play 484 of the initial 1000 games, so we provide it with a score of 48%. The uniquely planned heat sink is an 80mm fan with an aluminum base that gives effective intensity dissemination to better execution at lower temperatures. Outfitted with a DVI-D connector and a gold-plated HDMI port, the card can give persistent 4K video playback.

Appreciate smooth playback of 4K video and regular games with the GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030 designs card. NVIDIA Pascal-based GeForce GT 1030 GPU and 2GB GDDR5 memory let you speed up. For much more execution, its production line is overclocked and productively cooled. Great inductors and capacitors guarantee amazing solidness and dependability.


  • Best GPU in 100$
  • Great performance


  • Fan is noisy


Graphic cards are the need for gaming desktops. It supports visuals in computers for gaming, videos, and images. A graphic card is an important component that comes in various categories. Some users may prefer quality and some prefer the price. It comes in specific types and qualities according to various price ranges. In short, we have to provide you best possible result related to graphic cards under 100$.

BUYER’S GUIDE | Choose Best for Yourself


Your computers have various ports like Vga, and HDMI for connectivity. Make sure your graphic card has a mandatory connector for the monitor so don’t have to buy an adapter or a new display.

Clock speed

Very significant. Between cards with a similar GPU (ex: RTX 3060 Ti), some will be overclocked by the producer at a marginally higher speed, which can have little effect on the outline rate. Be that as it may, clock speed isn’t all that matters, as memory speed, the number of centers, and design should be thought of. Better cooling frequently surpasses the clock speed, on a card with a similar GPU.

Video Card Memory

6GB or 8GB is the minimum recommendation for a video card so you can play games of high resolution. The video card possessing this memory support 1080p results. For 4k resolution 8GB would be recommended.

Memory speed

For fast performance memory speed should be fast enough that matters here.

NVidia vs AMD

While purchasing an illustration card, you might pick an outsider model like ASUS, GIGABYTE, or MSI. These organizations get chips planned by AMD or Nvidia and utilize this innovation to make the cards of their own design. Consider it a vehicle. The motor is produced by AMD or Nvidia, yet the remainder of the vehicle, including the crate and cooling framework, was planned by the card organization. All in all, regardless of whether you’re purchasing an ASUS GPU, it’s an ASUS-created bundle of Nvidia or AMD chips. Each GPU producer offers its model and innovation, offering a great many choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is this video card compatible with my motherboard?

Most graphic cards today come with a PCI-E x16 slot and if you have that slot on your motherboard then your graphic card will work. In 90% of cases, it will work because it was happening on the old desktop the slot was not available.

2.  Which is the fastest, 2GB or 4GB?

A 4GB design card could possibly be quicker than a 2GB illustration card with a similar GPU. A passage-level design card with higher memory has neither rhyme nor reason since it doesn’t have the sort of GPU ability to run the most recent games at high illustrations settings and 1080p goal. Along these lines, for section-level video cards, utilizing less video memory is better. In any case, for mid-reach and very good quality video cards, it is smarter to utilize more video memory, for example, 4GB or more if you have any desire to play the most requested games at 1080p, 1440p, or higher at the greatest illustrations settings. The more video memory on the card, the higher the goal you can play with, as the GPU is adequately strong to run the game at high illustration settings.

3.  Which graphics card manufacturer should I choose?

There are several types of brands like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA, and Zotac graphic cards you can consider for buying.

4.  Is the processor blocking the graphic card?

On the off chance that you’re utilizing a strong mid-and top-of-the-line illustrations card and an old double-center processor, this is an issue, and the processor will make all the difference for your games, particularly processor-concentrated games and more current games. Full execution on the design card. Hence, it is smarter to pick another design card in view of your ongoing processor or to update the processor to a superior one, however, you might have to supplant the motherboard and Slam with the new processor. Subsequently, this can be costly for certain clients.

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