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Review of the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi: An exceptional low-cost ultrawide

Review of the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi: An exceptional low-cost ultrawide

Although Xiaomi is best known for smartphones (at least in North America), the company is starting to make inroads into the PC market with a few low-cost laptops and displays. Do not let the low price deceive you: the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi is a visually appealing display. It is the company’s newest entry-level ultrawide.

Specs and Features

The characteristics of the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi are almost the same as those of other ultrawide displays from rival companies, including Spectre, AOC, and Gigabyte, to mention a few. It features a 34-inch resolution 3440×1440 Vertical Alignment (VA) panel. The refresh rate is the only unique feature; it supports up to 180 Hz, slightly more than competitors’ 120–160 Hz.

  • 34-inch ultrawide display
  • 3440 x 1440 in its native resolution
  • Panel type: LED-backlit semi-gloss curved VA panel
  • Maximum refresh rate: 180 Hz
  • AMD FreeSync, also known as adaptive Sync Superior
  • Ports: 1 3.5mm audio jack, 2 DisplayPort 1.4, and 2 HDMI 2.0
  • 75x75mm VESA mount
  • Indeed, there are two 3-watt stereo speakers.
  • Price: $260 for the normal online price, $289.99 MSRP

With an MSRP of at $289.99, the G34WQi frequently enjoys a slight discount. Because of this, the G34WQi is a compelling choice even though it has a lot of competitors with comparable prices.


Right out of the box, the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi leaves little impression. Its black plastic exterior is matte and semi-glossy, with a decent but unexceptional appearance and feel. The stand neck, which is sleek and has a piano black glossy finish to offer some flair, is the only design feature. Although it is supplied, the RGB-LED accent light is not very bright.

The aggressive 1500R curve of the monitor indicates that if the display were 1500mm wide, the curve’s radius would be complete. Put differently, a more aggressive curve is represented by a smaller curvature value. The majority of consumers will enjoy the immersive experience that a curved screen may offer, but content creators who require an exact image may find it annoying as the image is slightly distorted (a straight line drawn across the display will appear curved, not straight).

The monitor is kept safe and has a minimal footprint on your desk thanks to a tiny, flat stand. That is crucial: The Gigabyte GS34WQC is one of many inexpensive ultrawides with an enormous stand that takes up a lot of desk space.

You can attach a third-party monitor stand or arm to the stand because it has height, tilt, and swivel adjustments and a 75x75mm VESA mount that connects to the display. Assembling the stand base is necessary because it is not designed to be assembled without a tool. It just takes two minutes to build with the provided screwdriver, however more expensive monitors have an easier-to-assemble tool-free mechanism.

Connectivity and menus

The connectivity of the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi is simple yet comprehensive. It includes four video inputs total—two DisplayPort and two HDMI—which is more than typical for a low-cost monitor.

Nevertheless, as the monitor does not have any kind of USB connectivity, wired gaming devices cannot be connected to it using a USB hub. This is accurate for a large number of inexpensive ultrawide monitors; however, the majority of rivals with USB ports, such as the LG 34BQ77QB, have a lower resolution or refresh rate. Completing the connectivity is a 3.5mm audio out jack.

A joystick on the back of the lower right bezel allows you to navigate the monitor’s on-screen menu system. It is easy to use, snappy, and navigates Xiaomi’s well defined menus. A good amount of image quality modification is available through the menus; they include several color temperature presets, hue and saturation settings, and several gamma presets that target particular numerical values.


The features of the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor G34WQi look impressive. It has a minimum pixel response time of one millisecond and a maximum refresh rate of up to 180Hz. When playing games, the advantages of these characteristics were evident. The camera pans quickly, revealing that small, moving objects are easy to detect and that a large amount of detail is still apparent. Compared to a 60Hz display, this is a tremendous upgrade.

Having said that, players should consider the cost of the monitor. Although not nearly as good as that of more expensive panels, motion clarity is still rather good. Instead, competitive gamers should consider 27-inch 240Hz widescreen displays like the LG UltraGear 27GR38Q-B if they want excellent motion clarity at this price range.

The monitor is certified by AMD FreeSync Premium and supports Adaptive Sync for tear-free, fluid gaming—but only when connected via DisplayPort. Since the monitor is compatible with Adaptive Sync, Nvidia G-Sync ought to function with it; but, since there is no official support, you are out of luck if it doesn’t.

Is the Xiaomi G34WQi Curved Gaming Monitor a good purchase?

Excellent value for money, the Xiaomi Curved Gaming display G34WQi is an ultrawide display that can be used for home office, gaming, and basic content creation. For less than $300, it offers great contrast, a wide color gamut, a high maximum brightness, and decent motion clarity.

Xiaomi has a lot of competition because many companies offer ultrawide monitors at comparable prices that have the same specs. Nevertheless, the G34WQi is unique in a few respects. It is one of the least priced monitors available, features four video ports, a small yet practical ergonomic stand, and a maximum refresh rate of 180 Hz, which is higher than most competitors. The G34WQi is a fantastic option because of these features, and it is much more alluring when it is discounted below MSRP.

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