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Best 10 Laptops for Online Teaching

Best 10 Laptops for Online Teaching

Online teaching has now gained popularity after the quarantine era. Before that, we also saw online teaching but it became common after isolation days. Online teaching becomes more convenient for students as compared to physical education.

Online education is an easy platform for students to just get checked in from their place and study. Students feel comfortable studying online by using their desktops, laptops, and tablets. People find it easier by using laptops because it is easy and more comfortable compared to desktops and tablets. Everyone finds it easy to study or teach online but for that, your laptop must be in good condition. If you are teaching online to your students, you need to take care of your laptop, like a microphone, and a good quality webcam. For teaching online to must keep your accessories in maintenance to provide or to avail quality education.

Best List of Laptops in 2022 by Best Computer Finder

1. MSI GF63 Best laptop for Online Teaching

Are you seeking the best laptop in 2022 for online teaching? MSI is one of the best options here. It is smart, slim, and light-weighted.It is suitable for gaming, business, and teaching. Since it possesses 16GB of ram, core i7, and a 15.6-inch IPS screen display, so conducting an online session will not be a problem for online instructors.

It also has the longest battery timing which is an important feature for online teaching. MSI GF63 is a smoothly working laptop that also contains a backlit keyboard which is the best feature for writers, bloggers, and gamers. However, it is an all-in-one laptop with all compact features, best for online teaching in 2022.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Slim

⦁      Extra Storage

⦁      Backlit Keyboard

2. LG Gram

Do you need a large screen to conduct online classes? It contains a 17-inch widescreen so conduct your class with convenience. It also has another greatest feature which is its batter backup. It has a long battery backup of 17 hours so you can use it for 17 hours without plugging it. If you are planning to buy this laptop then you won’t regret it. LG gram consists of reliable components like 16GB ram and a powerful core i7 1065G7 CPU processor which makes it among to best laptops to buy in 2022.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Lightweight

⦁      Long battery

⦁      Thunderbolt 3 ports

 3. Apple MacBook Air

Apple Macbook air is the best business laptop that comes in a stylish design. It is thin and lightweight. You can work 12 hours without plugging it into the switch. Its amazing battery timing makes it best for online teaching. It got a stunning 13-inch HD display screen. Not only this, it is a touch screen laptop that possesses a dual-core i5 processor with Intel UHD graphics 616.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Small, lighter design

⦁      Beautiful Inch Retina display

⦁      Good value for a MacBook

⦁      Long-hour battery life

4. Samsung Electronics XE500C13 Chromebook

Samsung laptops didn’t have any introduction we were already familiar with their technology products. We should not expect anything less from Samsung. Like their Samsung Chromebook, which is the best laptop to pick if you are a teacher or a student. It is convenient to use and possesses light weightlessness with a long battery backup of 11 hours.

It is perfect for teachers who want to teach online. This 11.6 inches display comes on a low budget which can be really helpful for someone to get a laptop at a cheap price. It contains the 2GB Ram which may be less for online teaching but has enough SSD storage space of 16GB.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Runs at a Good Speed

⦁      Convenient and Reliable

⦁      Lightweight Quality laptop

⦁      Ideal storage options

5. Acer Chromebook

Acer Chromebook is the perfect laptop for online teaching available under 200. It possesses a 15.6-inch display screen with a high resolution of 1080p. Acer Chromebook offers the perfect package for professionals as well as students. It is a compact laptop acquiring many capabilities. It is good for security use and obtains the longest battery timing which is an essential feature for online teaching.

It offers 4GB of ram which is enough for online tasks. It is the best Acer Chromebook made for online teaching/teachers at an affordable cost.

Highlighted Features

⦁      1080p display

⦁      Metal chassis

⦁      Solid keyboard

6.  HP Pavilion X360

HP Pavilion is the 15.6-inch laptop within the budget. It consists of 8GB ram and a 1TB hard drive. It has a 2.3ghz core i5 processor. It has windows 10 operating by default. After all, it is the best laptop for online teaching under budget.

It has a few more features containing an HDMI port for connecting HDTV, an SD memory card reader, a touch screen, and 3 ports for USB. It is a reliable, convenient, and lightweight laptop with a good battery life that makes it the perfect choice for online teaching.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Good Battery Life

⦁      Lightweight

⦁      Large Screen

7. ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook

ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook is a lovely laptop with a beautiful appearance. Also, it is good in performance though. It is an elegant laptop weighing 3.7lbs. It consists of a powerful working core i7 8th generation processor, 8GB ram and 256 GB SSD, and 1TB HDD storage. It is best for storing large of amount data so any online teacher can save their recorded online sessions or their relevant data. ASUS Vivobook is elegant in design and brilliant in performance and a portable device to buy in 2022 for online teaching.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Thin and light elegant chassis

⦁      Powerful Kaby Lake R processor

⦁      SSD + HDD storage

8. Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo flex 5 is a stunning laptop with a 15.6 IPS display screen. It include has 16GB ram, 256 SSD,Intel HD 620 graphics,IPS touch screen 15,6-inch with 1080p resolution. It is the best choice for online teaching within a budget.

Lenovo Flex 5 is a fabulous 2-in-1 laptop. well, it is a portable and lightweight machine with a sleek design available under a limited budget. Lenovo flex offers long battery timing which is a significant factor for online teaching.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Large screen, for a 2-in-1

⦁      Decent battery life

9. Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo ThinkPad yoga is the perfect laptop that is suitable for any online instructor. It possesses amazing features such as it contains a 128GB SSD hard drive, 4GB ram, and an 11.6 IPS display screen. It is also available in your budget. It is recommended for all the students or teacher who seeks to learn/teach on the online platform.

Highlighted Features

⦁      The bright, high-contrast IPS display

⦁      Gets hardly warm

⦁      Always quiet

10. Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible

At last, we have Acer Chromebook on our list which has compatible features with good performance for online learners/trainers. It possesses 4 GB of Ram and a 13.3 display screen. It is light-weighted and weighs 1.5kg which is easy to travel anywhere.  It has a long battery time of 12 hours, you can continue your online stream for long hours. Everyone who wants to teach online really like this one because of its battery backup time and low price.

Highlighted Features

⦁      Decent battery life

⦁      Full HD display

⦁      Above your average Chromebook for performance

⦁      Good for writing, email, Netflix, iPlayer

What Things we should keep in mind before we are buying laptops

1. Screen Size

We are discussing here what screen size we should consider for screens. These are common sizes used by the users are mentioned below.

      13″ screen

13-inch screens are most commonly purchasable and perfect for online teaching. Depends upon you how much you are comfortable with it.

      15″ screen

The 15-inch screen is commonly used by laptop users. It is ideal for gaming, business, study, and online teaching.

      17″ screen

17-inch screens are widely used. It is heavy but it is also useful. It has a wide screen which is more comfortable for watching movies, studying, gaming, and online teaching.

  Touch Screen

Touch screen laptops are very convenient for their users. It has flexibility and is widely used by lots of users.

      Storage Space

How much do I need for my laptop? It depends on how heavy utility work you have to deal with. I recommend 1TB for online teaching. Whereas, SSD has more preference over HDD because of their speed and performance. So, 1TB is enough for storage.

      Battery Life

Where ram and processors are important things to watch when buying laptops there, the battery is also an important thing to check in the laptop before buying. If you looking for a high-resolution laptop that is good but keeps in mind that high resolution also decreases the battery backup. Our recommendation is that buy a laptop that has a long battery backup and is more suitable for online teaching.

      Graphic Card

First, check what the graphic card is for. If you are seeking a laptop for online teaching then the graphic card is not a big need unless you are working with high graphics stuff. You can carry on the basic built-in graphic card on your laptop, you don’t extra for online teaching.


8GB is good for better working. Therefore, you don’t need 16GB, it is recommended for running heavy software.

Minimum Recommendation For System Requirements By Best Computer Finder

Ram: 8GB

Processor: core i5 (5th or 7th Gen)

Storage:  500 GB internal storage drive

Monitor:  13″ LCD monitor

What are the trends in online teaching and the best recommendations for the best laptops?

Online teaching has become a trend for several years, especially after the corona era gained more popularity. Now it is spreading its roots towards every place in the world. It is essential for the students who have to travel to another city to study like students living in rural; areas. It is easy and convenient for everyone, so one easily come online from a place and study from their home comfortably.

Online teaching is now trending in every corner of the world. It has opened the doors of opportunity for students and teachers. Now, everyone can conduct or attend online classes to get an education. This online teaching system also saves your fuel and saves your physical energy by preventing going out to study at the academy.

Online teaching is easy and comfortable but it is more worthwhile if you have the laptop in fine condition. You will access your online education with the help of a laptop, so you have a laptop of a reliable brand. Not only just brand it should possess some satisfying features so you can use your laptop more smoothly. For laptops, you must consider it specifications that you need for online teaching. We have mentioned several brands above, so you can choose one suitable laptop for you to study or teach online.

What do you want to buy, want us to recommend?

Online education is an amazing opportunity in this advanced era. For those who are seeking to learn new skills then this is the best platform for studying or teaching. This has changed the face of education by studying from online platforms.

Everyone wants to teach and learns online at their comfort level. For this, we recommend you buy a laptop of great specification and reliability. We have mentioned a few brands you can take help from there too. You must check whether its components are relevant to your work or not. Like, for online teaching you must have a good webcam for live sessions. Also, your microphone must be in good working form so you can easily communicate with your students. We have discussed here all the fundamental things to need to buy a suitable laptop for online teaching. We have many guides about laptops and their accessories.


What kind of laptop do I need to buy for online teaching?

You at least need these things to make your laptop applicable for online teaching.   

⦁      Core i3 or i5 processor

⦁      256GB of hard drive

⦁      4GB of ram or higher

⦁      Touch screen(not necessary)

⦁      Better size at least 14″ or 15″

⦁      Reasonable price

⦁      Windows 10 or Mac

Is i3 good for online teaching on the best laptops?

core i3 is neither too good nor bad for online teaching but I think you need slightly a better version for the processor. Our recommendation is core i5 5th or 7th gen.

How much RAM do you need for online teaching?

4GB is enough for online teaching/learning purposes. 8GB will be more good for live zoom sessions.

What should be the screen size recommended for online teaching/learning?

14 or 15 inches will be suitable if you are seeking online teaching.

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