Best 6 laptops for eGPU 2024

Best 6 laptops for eGPU 2024

Day by day the world is getting tougher and more complicated. The chaos has begun among people around the world. Everyone is running in their direction to achieve their desired goals. Where technology is increasing so rapidly so also have to move forward with this advanced era. These things have raised the competition all across the world. Everyone has to work on their goal to earn a satisfying income for them.

This race of life makes people, even more, busier as compared to other Enoch. Everyone has to work hard today for their study and then their job but no matter how hard you struggle for your career or how busy you are to achieve your goal or no matter how many businesses you run in the end we all must need peace.

After working too hard everyone wants to return home and play games, watch Netflix and relax their mind. Especially when it comes to games and movies who did not want to watch them no matter how boring you are in your but you need some relaxation for yourself.

For gaming purposes, you must need a good piece of laptop with a suitable ram, the latest core technology processor, a graphic card, a reasonable graphic card,, and good battery life. These all features are important but without eGPU your need for gaming didn’t be fulfilled. Without an eGPU, you can’t enjoy our games but it is pointless to play games without it. It is not just good but the best for high resolution. It can bare all kinds of high graphics and helps you do your stuff. eGPU is not only for gaming but without it your laptop is even applicable for business purposes also.

In this article, we will guide you about the 6 demanded laptops for eGPU which will be easy for you to pick a reliable one for you.

Top 6 best for eGPU

We have done this job for you. You can find an amazing expert-level guide from the best computer finder. Through this, you can find your desirable laptop for gaming with high graphics.

1. LG Gram

You just can’t waste your money on ordinary laptops when you got LG gram. For high graphics, you need a laptop reliable manufacturer. LG gram is one of the best, thin and lightweight laptops, which is available for under 2000$. Though it is not that expensive like other fancy laptops which are not expensive but also lack in performance.

Whereas LG gram is a fine laptop with a long battery backup of 20 hours. This is the good news for all the gamers you can play your league for a long time while you are unplugged. LG gram capabilities don’t end here it has possess an Intel core i7  8th gen processor, and 16 GB of data.

It contains built-in windows 10 inside it and 512GB storage capacity .it is capable of connecting an external eGPU to make it smoother and an ideal laptop for gaming.


⦁        Slim and lightweight

⦁        long battery timing


⦁        It is expensive

2. Apple Macbook Pro (core i7)

Apple offers their masterpiece apple’s MacBook pro. This 15-inch screen possesses amazing features compatible with gamers. An external eGPU can be connected here with a laptop via thunderbolt 3 which is highly compatible. It has a battery time of 10 hours which is best for gaming purposes to play for a long time. 

It contains a touch id and touch bar and also comprises a brilliant display screen with true tone technology. whereas, the Apple Macbook pro belongs to the intel core i7 processor family which contains 16 GB of ram and 512GB of Storage.

It also has Radeon Pro 560x Graphics with video memory of 4GB which is responsible for the high graphics and good resolution.


⦁        Thunderbolt

⦁        Slim and lightweight

⦁        High performance


⦁        Big Track Pas

3. Apple Macbook Pro (core i5)

This is another MacBook pro model presented from an Apple but in core i5 processor this time. If you find the apple MacBook pro core i7 version expensive then you can buy this one, it is one of the best choices in 2022 for eGPU.

It contains several USB c ports. It possesses a thunderbolt 3 so connecting to an external eGPU is not a problem which is essential for many useful features like it improves the networking functionality in a laptop. It possesses 8GB ram and 256GB Storage. It contains a 2.3GHZ Intel core i5 quad-core processor. Though it has a touch bar and touch Id and possesses a brilliant screen display with true tone technology just like the Apple MacBook pro core i7.

This is much like core i7 except for some features and is highly convenient for gaming and business purposes.


  • High performance
  • fast data transfer capability


  • uncomfortable trackpad

4. Lenovo Thinkpad

Do need a laptop for your use? Lenovo ThinkPad can be a good laptop for you. It comes in a style design with beautiful black color.  With thunderbolt 3 it would be the best option for you to buy for eGPU

You have several ranges of choice for ram. It has 8GB, 12GB, 16GB, and 32GB available so you can choose a suitable laptop for you.  It belongs to the core i5 processor in fine condition. It has 256GB and 512GB storage which makes it easy for you to pick the best laptop with good specifications. This is a 14-inch display screen with high resolution, while it has the thunderbolt 3 which makes the functionality even easier for work everyone and contains the USB c ports for you to connect various devices.

If you looking for the best working laptop at an affordable price then this one is definitely for you with high performance and light weightlessness


  • lightweight
  • high performance
  • high speed
  • affordable price
  • several ports
  • high battery timing


  • Heavyweight

5.  MSI Creator P65

MSI P65 is well known for its high performance mostly used for gaming and recommended for gamers. It is considered that it is the competitor of the apple mac book pro when comes to high performance and functionality.

This laptop also possesses the thunderbolt 3 so connecting an external eGPU is a not big problem anymore. Whereas it has an Intel core i7 processor with Nvidia graphics makes it best for eGPU.

As far as price is concerned it may be expensive a bit but high in performance that convinces a user to buy it for eGPU. It comes in 15.6 inches with high definition Screen with 8GB ram and 512GB storage space.


  • Good  speed
  • Resolved heat problems
  • Fast performance


  • Highly expensive
  • Design issues

6. Dell Xps

Lastly, we have dell XPS in the list which is one of the best laptops of dell this list also. Without a doubt, it is best in working and specs but one of the best things that attract the user is that it has long battery timing. User can do their task easily without any resistance.

Well, it is expensive but offers many great features that your laptop possesses. After all, dealing with high graphics containing eGPU is a highly demandable and reliable combination. It improves the working of our laptop that’s why its price is a little out of range.

Whereas when it comes to its performance it never lets us down. It is highly compatible, convenient, and works at high speed with thunderbolt 3 it even works more smoothly and makes eGPU connectivity easier and faster. It possesses an Intel 8th generation i7-8550U processor and 8GB ram which is upgradable easily.

It comes in a 13.3 ultra HD screen display and contains several USB c ports, better for connectivity.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • Powerful performance


  • Lack of USB A Ports
  • Expensive


We have discussed here the best range of laptops for eGPU in 2022. Therefore, all laptops above are the best choices to buy in 2022 but what makes a better choice for you is the laptop that falls in many of your desired features.

Everyone wants laptops with plenty of features such as fast performance, good graphics capability, high storage, long battery timing, and more importantly reasonable price. Find your laptop just like Lenovo ThinkPad or apple mac book pro core i5 which possesses all the features that the user looks for.

This is our guide about the best laptops in 2022 for eGPU. Stay tuned with the best computer finder for more interesting blogs about laptops and their accessories.

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