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For about $700, get a massive 49-inch Samsung ultrawide display.

For about $700, get a massive 49-inch Samsung ultrawide display.

At least in the case of Samsung monitors, there is no such thing as an excessively large monitor. However, you can undoubtedly charge too much, and the majority of their enormous screens will be out of reach when they first appear. However, two 49-inch ultrawide displays are now available for purchase. The price range for them is $699.99 to $799.99, depending on the speed you require.

The Odyssey G9 C49RG9, which debuted in 2020, is the first product discussed. It is two 1440p displays compressed into one enormous panel, with a resolution of 5120 x 1440. While VA screen technology isn’t as color-accurate as IPS, even the newest gaming PCs will struggle to run new games at their highest resolution and frame rate at 120Hz. The curved panel can display inputs from two PCs simultaneously in split screen mode and supports HDR1000 and AMD FreeSync.

SAMSUNG 49-Inch Odyssey G9 Series

Video is handled by two DisplayPort and one HDMI connector, but the large display also has a four-port USB-A hub integrated into its back that supports rapid charging. The C49RG9 was originally listed at $1,499 but is now only $699.99 at B&H Photo. The price will return to $1,200 at midnight US Eastern time on the website, so this discount is only valid for today.

For those who truly wish to punish their gaming PC, the Odyssey G9 CG95 from 2023 is a more recent model. The 49-inch screen increases the refresh rate to 240Hz while maintaining the same dimensions and resolution. At 1,000 maximum nits, it is also noticeably brighter thanks to improved Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. The design is essentially the same, however, inputs switch out one DisplayPort connector for an HDMI port and there are two fewer USB ports overall.

The CG95 is available on Amazon for $899.99, however there is a $100 discount on the page that reduces the cost to $799.99. This offer is likewise a “limited-time deal,” but it’s unclear when the price will return to $1,299.99.

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