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Get this Samsung 1080p monitor for only $100.

Get this Samsung 1080p monitor for only $100.

You’ve come to the right spot because we’ve found a fairly great deal today, whether you want to add a secondary monitor to your dual-screen setup or pick up an affordable work monitor. Right now, Best Buy is offering the Samsung T350 Series IPS Monitor for just $99.99, which equates to a $80 save. The 24-inch display is a suitable size for a home office, and its 1920 x 1080 resolution makes it clear enough for daily tasks or office work.

The Samsung T350 Series has a refresh rate of 75Hz and the previously mentioned 1920×1080 resolution. Additionally, it features AMD FreeSync, which is typically found on gaming monitors. AMD FreeSync synchronizes the refresh rate of your display with your PC’s GPU to minimize screen tearing and stuttering during films and games. Reviews of this monitor are also favorable—reviews on Best Buy claim that it’s simple to put up and has brilliant colors.

SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED FHD 1080p Gaming Monitor 

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