The absurdly low $700 price of this HP gaming laptop with RTX technology

The absurdly low $700 price of this HP gaming laptop with RTX technology

It might be challenging to locate a gaming laptop at a reasonable price; it can be even more difficult to find a gaming PC. One Victus sub-brand model is being sold by HP today for $699.99, a $300 discount from the list price. The bulk of games should run smoothly on a 13th-generation Core i5 and Nvidia RTX 3050, even if they can’t run the newest, most demanding ones at medium settings.

The HP Victus 1550fa-100 is a name that sounds easy to say. features an IPS panel on a 15.6-inch 1080p display that is more color-accurate than your typical gaming monitor but won’t win any speed awards. A spacious 70-watt-hour battery, a fully backlit keyboard with a number pad, and 512GB of SSD storage are among the additional features. There are plenty of ports, including a full-sized SD card slot, two USB-A and one USB-C, as well as full-sized HDMI for convenient connection to an external display.

If there’s one weakness with this Victus laptop, it’s the 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is not enough for anything running Windows 11. However, a fast YouTube search indicates that the motherboard’s two SO-DIMM slots appear to be open, meaning that a few screws will be all that stands between you and a much-needed RAM update. Many laptops, including gaming laptops, no longer offer that option.

If I could upgrade to 16GB for $40, I would choose the same model and speed (3200MHz). Do you need some guidance? This is our tutorial to installing RAM on a laptop.

Before you place your order, HP allows you to customize the Victus with several options, such as the same RAM upgrade for twice the cost. If you have a little extra cash, I’d suggest upgrading to a $20 screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate. A larger 1TB SSD is also available for $100 more, but you can install it yourself for a lot less money.

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