Review of the Alienware Pro Wireless gaming keyboard: designed for experts

Review of the Alienware Pro Wireless gaming keyboard: designed for experts

To appeal to professional gamers as much as possible, Alienware has developed its Pro line of gaming keyboards and mice. Pro gaming team Team Liquid put them to the test to make sure of that exact thing. The Alienware Pro gaming keyboard‘s significantly smaller but stronger chassis and premium switches make it feel like a device designed for just that kind of user.

The Alienware Pro gaming keyboard is available in two colors: Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon, just like many of the company’s other peripherals and PCs. The RGB lighting on the black keyboard makes it unexpectedly gorgeous, but the white model is the norm because it not only looks great but also has LED illumination that genuinely enhances it. You may change the color effects and most other keyboard settings with the simple-to-use Alienware Command Center software.

This keyboard weighs almost two pounds, which makes it significantly heavier and more durable than other Alienware keyboards, which are typically lighter. Considering that 47% of the plastic is recycled post-consumer, this is alarming. Additionally, a lengthy silicone band on the chassis’ underside keeps it from shifting. It takes a lot of force to accomplish it, which makes it perfect for intense gaming sessions.

I tested it out in a wide range of genres, including action, RPGs, platformers, first- and third-person shooters, and more because it is a professional gaming keyboard. It has excellent stability, snappy keys with a decent travel distance, and simple-to-activate switches.

The Alienware Pro Wireless gaming keyboard’s removal of Cherry MX mechanical switches is one of its most notable characteristics. Alternatively, Dell has created custom switches for this Alienware keyboard. If you wish to swap the switches out for different brands, the 5-pin PCBA switches may be hot-swapped and are compatible with the majority of other 3- and 5-pin switches.

With an actuation force of only 40g, this gaming accessory is ideal for professional and hardcore gamers alike, since it requires minimal finger exertion to press down on each key. Additionally, the stem is composed of POM (Polyoxymethylene) material, which contributes to the additional light and almost floaty feeling you experience when typing by eliminating the frequently irritating sound of keys rubbing against each other. The smooth clicking sound of the switches is further improved by the layers of sound-absorbing silicone.

The quality of these switches is astounding; Dell has outdone themselves. The fact that this TKL design is so efficient yet accommodating media and arrow keys in a small package is another pleasing surprise.

With three different ways to connect, the keyboard’s connectivity is excellent: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and USB Type-C connected. Having these options is crucial, depending on what you need from the keyboards. Wireless and Bluetooth are only meant for portability, while wired is the greatest option for high-stakes, latency-free gaming.

Additionally, battery life is rather good, lasting almost three days while using the RGB lighting and up to 798 hours when using 2.4GHz wireless, according to Dell.

Alienware Pro Wireless gaming keyboard


The gaming keyboard Alienware Pro Wireless is quite costly; it costs $199.99 (£190 with VAT) / AU$328.90. Naturally, the price makes sense given that this is a high-end keyboard designed for professional gamers. Having said that, if you don’t require the best possible quality and performance, this is not the keyboard for you.

For those in need, there are more affordable mechanical keyboard options, such as the MSI GK50 Elite TKL, which starts at 64.99 (about £55/AU$100). Another option is the Razer Huntsman V2 TKL, which costs $160, £160, or AU$260. If professional-grade keyboards aren’t what you’re looking for, this is a terrific alternative that’s also marginally less expensive. Like the majority of Dell goods, the Alienware Pro Wireless is widely available in the US, UK, Australia, and several other countries.


SwitchAlienware Linear Mechanical Switches
Programmable keysYes
Dimensions12.30 x 5.00 x 1.60 inches (31.24 x 12.70 x 4.06cm)
RGB or backlightingNone

Alienware Pro wireless gaming keyboard: should you buy it?

We put the Alienware Pro Wireless gaming keyboard to the test in a home office setting to see how well it performed for productivity and gaming. Since its gaming performance is particularly crucial, I tested it out across a wide range of genres to gauge how responsive it is. I also tested its portability by carrying it around in different luggage. This gaming keyboard, the Alienware Pro Wireless, is designed to be used for years on end. To ensure that it met those requirements while still offering the highest level of comfort, I made sure to quality-test it.

We know how to correctly assess and test a broad variety of keyboards to make sure they meet a specific standard of quality. We’ve tested mechanical and membrane keyboards We take great satisfaction in our independence and meticulous review-testing procedure. We provide our evaluations with ongoing care and ensure that they are updated and maintained. Regardless of the device’s release date, if it is still available for purchase, we will review it.

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