10 Best Wireless Mouse

10 Best Wireless Mouse

When you buy a mouse for your system you mostly prefer its grip and cursor movement to make it work more accurately. You need to get a better mouse that will completely fit in your hands.

Especially gaming users desire to play with a mouse that fits in their hands. The mouse that exactly fits your hands is more comfortable to use. Not everyone is comfortable using the small mouse. What if someone has large hands? Then it would be difficult for him/her to keep a good grip on it.

You can’t bother when you are doing your important chores on your system. You should have a better mouse working mouse for that. Working with a smooth and comfortable mouse helps you work for a long period.

Don’t worry we are here to provide the best guide for wireless mice for large hands. Those who have large hands now have not to worry because we will discuss the best wireless mouse for large hands thoroughly in this guide.

Top 10 Wireless Mouse For large hands | Review guide by Best Computer Finder

1. Logitech M525

Logitech is at the top of the list/Logitech is well-known for making peripherals devices like a mouse, keyboard, and joystick. They have various varieties for gaming with precise scroll movement. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed it is comfortable for all users for gaming as well as normal purposes.

A person with large hands can easily hold it while having a strong grip. Its rubber is so soft comfy to use and easy to take anywhere with you. It comes with a USB receiver and has a battery inside it. It provides excellent performance with the max precision.

Highlighted features

•        Precise movement

•        Optical sensor

•        Smooth performance

•        It saves power when in safe mode

2.  Amazon Basic |Right Choice for the large hands

This Amazon basic is second on our list and the right choice for those who have large hands. It is perfect for gaming. It let you allow use it freely as it has smooth scroll and cursor movement so you won’t feel any obstacles while gaming.

This mouse is designed with ergonomics which helps to hold it for a long and provides a smooth and soft grip for use. It doesn’t hurt your and makes it easy for you to play.

This mouse offers 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity that helps to connect with a Pc via a USB adapter. It connects easily with your system without blocking other devices. It uses AA batteries for power and contains led toggle light which exceeds battery life. It is the best choice for gaming if you are looking for a mouse. You can review it feedback(Link) online.

Highlighted features

•        Easy controlling

•        Precise movement

•        Laser sensor

3. Logitech M510 Wireless mouse | M510 Gaming  Mouse

This Logitech mouse is perfect for gaming and is made especially for broad palms.

It has an ergonomic design, the user will feel good while playing the games and use it for long hours without any pain in the fingers. It has a soft rubber grip which is compatible with any type of user. You can take it anywhere to the office, school, or on a business tour, it is easy to use. It has smooth scroll movement with backward and forward buttons and perfect capacity.

Highlighted Features

•        Soft Rubber grip

•        Easy controlling

•        Long battery life

4. Logitech M705 Gaming mouse | Logitech smart soft grip mice for gaming

A perfectly ergonomic designed mouse with smooth cursor movement makes it easy for work and gaming. Compatible with different lefty and righty users. Its scientific design prevents harming your hands and has a strong soft grip. Logitech Marathon is less power-consuming as compared to other manufacturers.

This Logitech is perfect for gamers and is compatible with Chromebooks. You can check out his link to view his feedback(link) here.

Highlighted Features

•        Smooth scrolling

•        Compatible with every user

•        Ergonomic design

5. Logitech M570 | Wireless gaming mouse for large hands

This Logitech M570 stands 5th on our list. If you feel a burden in your pocket then this should be your choice to buy this gaming mouse. It is perfect in design and comfortable with your gingers. This mouse will be available under 20 which is quite pocket-friendly for the user who seeking mice for gaming. You can check out the latest for the mouse under 20 now (link required).

While if we talk about its performance it is filled with amazing performing features like perfect zooming capacity, scrolling movement, and smooth cursor. It is based on an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use and comfy for everyone.

It can last long for 18 months with batteries and can be replaced with a new one after expiry. It informs the user when the battery is low which is the most fascinating feature you will find in this mouse.

Highlighted features

•        Elegant design

•        Cheap cost

•        Long battery life

•        Smooth performance

•        Strong receiver

•        Smooth grip

6. Anker Wireless mouse | Anker Gaming mouse for Large Hands

This Anker-designed mouse is different in shape and design. It is a vertical shape mouse. You will feel like a handshake while holding onto it. It is another budget-friendly mouse with an ergonomic design on our list. In this review guide, we included lots of varieties that reach the requirements of every user. These mice have the highest battery timing of 2-3 months after that they can be replaced with new batteries.

However, it has amazing battery-saving capability. If it is left undisturbed for 8 minutes then it automatically shuts down. Which is quite an efficient feature Anker has introduced here. Moreover, Anker is offering low-budget mice with smooth performance with less wrist movement.

Highlighted Features

•        Unique design

•        Long battery life

•        Battery saver mode

•        Smooth hand grip

7. Logitech MX Master 2S

We have another uniquely designed mouse on our list and that one is the MX master 2s. this  MX master is comprised tons of features for gamer lovers and is compatible with large hands. If we talk about its design it is beautiful in look. It comes in black, silver, white and teal colors. You can choose your desired color for your gaming mouse here.

This mouse allows us to control 3 computers at once which is simply an amazing feature we can find here. As far as comfort is concerned it has a place for the thumb to rest at its side so you can work for long hours. It perfectly works with right-handers. Left-handers may have difficulties while using it but the overall grip is perfect.

It has a replaceable battery and has battery timing of 90 days. MX Master 2S is a high-performance mouse with amazing features. It lets you scroll by dragging and dropping. It is an excellent gaming mouse with additional buttons and hyperactive scrolling.

Highlighted Features

•        Unique Design

•        Fast smooth scrolling

•        Can be connected with different devices.

•        Comfortable thumb resting place.

•        Extra buttons with features

8. Logitech MX | Logitech MX Gaming Wireless Mice for large hands

It is another creation of Logitech. Its body is made up of plastic and both sides textured are and coated with rubber to provide us with a strong grip. It has two buttons on its top with a scroll and thumb rest to feel comfortable while using it.

This mouse scroll wheel is useful for several things, including zooming in and out of pages and scrolling through the text line by line. It has a USB receiver with a high transmitting speed, allowing for wireless connection to the host computer. It has Bluetooth connectivity and replaceable batteries which allow use for a long time.

 However, it is an advanced budget-friendly mouse with tons of beneficial features.

Highlighted Features

•        Cheap price

•        smooth grip

•        BlueTooth connectivity

9. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Logitech has introduced its MX vertical wireless mouse for large hands. Its position is standing vertical just that you feel like shaking the hands while holding it. Most of its controls are on its right, which means it is best for right-handers. This Logitech Mx vertical wireless mouse is designed in such a way as a handshake position so that it will not cause any strain on your hands. It consumes less wrist movement and your wrist will always feel comfortable in the rest position.

It has a USB that is used to connect with the device wirelessly. While it also has Bluetooth connectivity. Another feature we can find in this vertical Logitech MX mouse is that it can connect 3 devices at a time. With just a single stroke of a cursor, you can host the device from one to another. It has 4000 dots per mechanism that let the user control sensitive cursor movement according to their requirement. Moreover, It has a rechargeable battery that can be replaced after one got expired also its battery timing last long which is a good feature for a gaming mouse.

Anyway, MX Vertical wireless mouse is super amazing and comfortable and easy to move anywhere. It is one of the best gaming mice with lots of features for large hands.

Highlighted Features

•        Elegant Design

•        Good Grip

•        Bluetooth connectivity

•        Can connect up to three devices at once

•        Smooth cursor movement

•        Ergonomic design

10.  Uciefy Aj302 Wireless Gaming Mice | Uciefy Wireless Gaming Mouse for big hands

Lastly, We have Uciefy Aj302 on our list which is extremely capable of providing multiple features to the user. It is the perfect mouse for gamers having big hands. dpi 6 level control is here to provide the user as precise sensitivity as they need. This mouse accompanies a quick transmission USB for the network rather than a wire. Within its range, it can detect and process signals for 12 meters.

The UCIEFY AJ302 gaming mouse has a long battery life. One of its most important features is the USB charging port that is mounted on the front. You can continue using the mouse while it is charging. You don’t have to wait for it to start charging. However, the way it is constructed makes it simple to hold in your hand. It is an excellent long-term gaming option because it reduces hand strain.

Highlighted Features

•        Great for gaming

•        Good Grip

•        Dpi control system

•        Precise Cursor movement

•        Efficient charging system

Guide for buying the gaming mouse for large hands | Review by Best Computer Finder

Wireless vs Wired Mouse

If we compare these two both are important and useful in different aspects. The wired mouse is handier here. It is fast in speed but limited in space. Compared to wireless wired mouse is cheap. While wireless mice are concerned they have more unique features with easier and smooth grip on the desk. It is stylish and pricey in comparison to a wired mouse.

What Features are to consider for buying a wireless gaming mouse?


A smooth and comfortable grip is a mandatory feature in the gaming mouse. You prefer that mouse that is pocket friendly of course but also comfortable and has a soft grip so that your fingers and wrist will feel at ease for a long period.


Weight is another important fundamental feature considered here. If your mouse is light-weighted then it will feel more comfortable to use.

Wired or Wireless

Well-wired and wireless mouse both have their importance. A wired mouse is easy for using when playing the game. also, wired mice are not that expensive. While a wireless mouse is battery-operated and has a stylish design mostly preferred for gaming. It is wireless so you can freely move your mouse on your desk anywhere.

Difference between the Mouses for Large hands & Small Hands

Everyone has different hand sizes it depends upon how they prefer mice for them. There are many mice according to their people’s requirements. large hand persons prefer larger mice and small hands people hands prefer small mice for them.

It depends upon the mouse pad. Based on the hand movement and size mice and pads are available. So it’s hard to say what suits best for the users. It always depends upon their preference.

Why Choose A Wireless Mouse?

It’s too an easy wireless mouse. You don’t have to worry about the batteries and move with them easily anywhere. Its life is long and has better cursor sensitivity.

What type of mouse should I buy? What mouse would be better for large hands?

As I mentioned above that it depends upon the person’s hands and budget that what mouse they feel is comfortable for them. I suggest whether a wired or wireless one you should go for a mouse that has a soft grip, ergonomic design, smooth cursor movement, and is budget-friendly.


Is a mouse of 1200 DPI good?

The higher the dpi level higher will be the performance that’s gamers mostly prefer higher sensitivity like 1200DPI.

Is 1000 DPI good for FPS?

Yes, it is applicable for those having large hands.

What would be the right choice of the mouse for me?

Choose only the mouse you want for your needs if you want a mouse for gaming then sensitivity would be higher or other features should also be there. You should know whether you want a mouse for gaming or work.

What mouse is good for right-handers?

Wireless mice would be more suitable for right-handers.


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