Get an Apple laptop for $505 with the best Black Friday MacBook discounts

Get an Apple laptop for $505 with the best Black Friday MacBook discounts

MacBooks make excellent laptops for business travelers, professionals, and students alike. There is a large range of MacBooks available, ranging in price from very affordable to highly costly. Naturally, the price tag associated with an Apple MacBook is the same, so purchasing a new one during Black Friday sales makes sense. For some fantastic discounts on Apple products, you can also look at the Black Friday laptop specials at Best Buy and Amazon. Particularly, there are numerous Apple discounts in the Amazon Black Friday specials. The greatest MacBook offers now available from a range of vendors have been gathered by us. They are arranged by style and chipset below.

As a result, a laptop that can replace a desktop computer is almost as portable as a small ultraportable. It’s not the most powerful 15-inch laptop we’ve seen, but it is among the lightest to offer a good balance of graphics and processing power, a premium design, and a battery life of more than a day. Because of this, the 15-inch MacBook Air is our Editors’ Choice pick for laptops that replace mid-range desktop computers.

Black Friday’s best MacBook Air prices

For many years, both casual users and students have preferred the MacBook Air. When compared to the Pro line, it was initially a more affordable and portable option, but with time, it has become noticeably more powerful. Thanks to the deals we’ve located, you can select your preferred power level among versions that come with both the M1 and M2 chips. Right now, the greatest sites to look for affordable MacBook Airs, both new and refurbished, are Amazon’s Black Friday laptop offers.

Best Black Friday prices on MacBook Pro (M2)

Purchasing an older MacBook can help you save a lot of money. Compared to the M3, it is slightly simpler to discover discounts and bargains on the M2 model. Additionally, there are several alternative component combinations to select from. The MacBook Pro now offers workstation capability in a user-friendly design, which is why creative pros have been choosing the MacBook for many years, thanks to the launch of the new M2 Pro CPU range.

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