Asus 1080p monitor is ideal for content creators in just $119

Asus 1080p monitor is ideal for content creators in just $119

Any monitor can be used to create content. Really! Even on a 1080p display that costs less than a double date night, Photoshop may be launched. But if you take your profession seriously, you will undoubtedly desire something more. Let us introduce the Asus ProArt PA279CV. Accurate color and significant “pro” features, such as precise gamma presets, are provided by this 4K display. Because it even includes USB-C connectivity, it is a great option for creators who want to replace their laptop display.

Fantastic displays are difficult to find at a reasonable price. Nonetheless, the Asus ProArt Display PA247CV is now 40% down, down to a wonderful $119. This is an excellent deal for a high-quality 23.8-inch monitor, and it is the greatest price for this specific model.

The ProArt display offers full HD (1920×1080) visuals, but do not anticipate 4K resolution at this price. Nonetheless, this monitor has an IPS panel with a broad 178-degree viewing angle, ensuring that colors remain consistent no matter where you are watching.

This monitor meets international color standards, with 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 wide color spectrum coverage. These features make it a fantastic choice for content creators or anyone who wants to ensure that the colors on their screen are as accurate as possible.

Another feature that will pique the interest of content editors is that the Asus ProArt display is Calman-certified, with factory calibration for ultra-high color accuracy. This is essential for jobs such as photo editing, graphic design, and digital art.

While it is worth noting that this is a 1080p display, which is not ideal for 4K video editing, you will not find a comparable 4K monitor at this price point.

As an added incentive, purchasing this monitor includes a free 3-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This bonus gives you access to sophisticated tools for creative tasks, adding even more value to an already excellent deal.

So, while the bargain lasts, acquire this 24-inch Asus ProArt display for only $119.

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