Now 42% off, this ultra-portable monitor is perfect for laptops.

Now 42% off, this ultra-portable monitor is perfect for laptops.

Although I adore my home office, there are moments when I would much rather work on my laptop at a neighboring coffee shop. But when I am on the go, I do not enjoy that I have to rely just on my laptop screen.

Would not a portable spare screen be incredibly helpful? You can imagine my astonishment when I saw that Amazon Prime customers can now get the Arzopa A1 Gamut Slim for just $76. This 14-inch portable monitor is a tremendous steal at this pricing, normally $130.

Although we did not review the “Slim” model, we did review the standard A1 Gamut model and thought it was an excellent monitor with lots of connecting possibilities and superb image quality. It was so excellent that we chose it as the top inexpensive portable monitor!

Similar in design, but optimized for maximum mobility, is the Arzopa A1 Gamut Slim. Firstly, it weighs only 1.1 pounds and is very thin, measuring only 0.16 inches thick. This one is so well-fitting next to your laptop that you will not even notice it in your backpack.

The 14-inch 1080p anti-glare IPS display offers vibrant image quality and screen brightness. The 300 nits make it suitable for bright indoor areas but don’t expect it to do well in direct sunlight.

One of the coolest things about this portable monitor is its flexibility in screen orientation. You can switch between horizontal and vertical modes with ease, allowing you to multitask however you want, whether you’re coding, using editing tools, or just browsing.

Regarding connectivity, there are no concerns. It can be readily connected to the majority of contemporary laptops, cellphones, and game consoles thanks to the two USB-C connections and one Mini HDMI port on the side.

Need more room on your laptop screen when traveling? A good option is the Arzopa A1 Gamut Slim, which is now a 42% discount for Amazon Prime customers. (Not a Prime subscriber? Take advantage of this offer by starting a 30-day free trial!

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