AMD increases FreeSync monitor speed requirements.

AMD increases FreeSync monitor speed requirements.

For the only reason that it doesn’t require expensive extra hardware to achieve its stricter requirements, AMD’s FreeSync anti-tearing adaptive sync technology is more widely used than Nvidia’s G-Sync. AMD, though, won’t accept any screen claim as legitimate. There’s a new set of improved specifications for screens that work with FreeSync.

A minimum refresh rate of 144Hz is required for the majority of smaller displays to be certified compatible with FreeSync’s standard, no-frills version. Under 3440 horizontal lines of resolution, or around a 34-inch ultrawide screen similar to those well-known Alienware OLEDs, is what is meant to be considered “smaller” in this context.

Smaller displays must be 200Hz or above for FreeSync Premium (essentially “peak performance”), whereas bigger panels must be at least 120Hz. Additionally, displays must meet the size and refresh rate requirements as well as enable FreeSync HDR (High Dynamic Range) to receive the FreeSync Premium Pro certification.

The laptop category still has a lower bar. Laptops with refresh rates as low as 40Hz will be certified for FreeSync, even though I haven’t seen an LCD with a refresh rate lower than 60Hz in this century. Regardless of the size of the screen panel, FreeSync Premium will require 120Hz, and FreeSync Premium Pro will also require FreeSync HDR capabilities.

You won’t find as many cheap monitors with the FreeSync label slapped on the side of the box as a result of these improved guidelines. This is good since, let’s face it, a 60Hz cheap panel with deceptive graphics bursting at the seams with race cars and spaceships has no business calling itself a gaming monitor. Not that I believe not being certified with FreeSync will prevent it from occurring.

AMD did not specify in their announcement when the new FreeSync standards would be used in laptop and monitor marketing, so it might be some time before you see any significant improvements.

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