The Best 7 portable monitors 2024:Travel-Friendly Displays

The Best 7 portable monitors 2024:Travel-Friendly Displays

Portable displays are quickly becoming standard equipment for laptop and desktop computer systems. Portable monitors are affordable, simple to connect, and most importantly, portable, even though they are usually smaller than a normal monitor. Executives traveling the world or students can both benefit from having the ability to pack up and relocate a portable monitor when needed easily.

The main problem is that there is now some confusion in the portable monitor market. Numerous unknown brands have entered the market as a result of these displays’ widespread availability and low cost of manufacturing. A lot of these brands lack established trust, and their quality is frequently lacking. That’s where BCF steps in. To determine which portable monitors are the best, we tested several devices. A carefully curated list of our favorites and more information about what to look for while shopping independently can be found below.

Arzopa A1 Gamut – Best budget portable monitor

The Arzopa A1 Gamut is a reliable 15.6-inch portable 1080p monitor that offers affordable, practical features, a stylish appearance, and good image quality. Arzopa chooses a straightforward yet sophisticated design that combines a slim display panel with a tiny bump on the bottom to contain the internal components and connectors of the monitor. Included for protection while stowed is a faux leather cover. When the monitor is not in use, it may also be folded into a kickstand.

Three input options are available for the monitor: one Mini-HDMI, and two USB-C with DisplayPort Alternate Mode. Included are all necessary cords and add-ons. The menu system on the monitor is difficult to navigate and has limited customization options. For the price, the image quality is excellent. At its peak brightness of 297 nits, the Azorpa A1 Gamut outperforms several of its rivals. The color gamut covers 74% of DCI-P3 and 97% of sRGB. In daily usage, the A1 Gamut looks bright and colorful. It performs well when using Microsoft Office, YouTube, and web browsing, but it’s not the best option for creating professional content.

Innocn 15A1F – Best OLED portable monitor

An OLED portable monitor with great image quality and a stylish design at a more reasonable price is the Innocn 15A1F. It features a 15.6-inch OLED panel with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Its design, which is evocative of the Apple iPad Pro, skillfully blends edge-to-edge glass and an aluminum rear panel. Moreover, it features a special, adaptable clip-on stand that increases stability and offers a variety of tilt adjustments. However, buyers should think about purchasing a third-party protective sleeve as Innocn does not come with a protective case.

This portable display excels in image quality. It achieves an infinite contrast ratio and a maximum brightness of 378 nits. A visual that is colorful, brilliant, and immersive is produced by this combination. It also provides a remarkable 94 percent of Adobe RGB and 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color range. That is more than sufficient for editing photos and videos. However, gamers may find the 60Hz refresh rate of the display to be a drawback.

Arzopa G1 Game – Best portable monitor for gaming

Do you want a portable, lightweight display that’s perfect for traveling and gaming? Arzopa G1 Game, which is reasonably priced, is a good option. With a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, Arzopa’s portable gaming monitor boasts a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, or 1080p. Refresh rate: The number of times the display can refresh in a second, which enhances motion clarity and responsiveness. When compared to a portable display with a 60Hz refresh rate, it is much better.

Additionally, the display produces a vivid, eye-catching image. In the era of 4K displays, 1080p resolution may seem dated, but because portable monitors have modest 15.6-inch screens, they provide crispness that is comparable to 27-inch 4K monitors. Additionally, the Arzopa G1 Game receives high marks for color accuracy, contrast, and color gamut. The monitor is very lightweight and thin, weighing only 1.36 pounds and only around four-tenths of an inch thick. Travel protection and a kickstand are provided by a faux leather case. However, there isn’t much tilt adjustment on the kickstand, which might be annoying.

ViewSonic VG1655-
Best Portable Monitor for General Use

When you’re not in the workplace, the ViewSonic VG1655 portable 16″ Full HD monitor is ideal for getting around one-screen restrictions. For on-the-go business, one-on-one presentations, or recreational pleasure, extend the screen on your laptop, phone, or tablet. The two universal USB Type C connectors allow power and video signals to be sent with just one cable. Your working angles will be supported by the pivotable display and broad adjustable stand. Reliability is incorporated in the design with the aluminum stand, metal case, and anti-slip cover.

While most portable monitors we’ve tested have limited color coverage, ViewSonic’s 15.6-inch VG1655 is one of the few that comes with an integrated stand, a five-way mini-joystick controller, and an advanced onscreen display. On the strength of those practical features, it prevails.

NexiGo NG17FGQ – 17.3-Inch 300Hz Portable Monitor

With its most recent portable monitor, NexiGo is vying for a share of the lucrative gaming peripheral market. With its high refresh rate and attractive design, the $449 NexiGo NG17FGQ 17.3-Inch 300Hz Portable Monitor is a high-end option for gamers who want a portable high-refresh-rate panel for their laptops. With its impressive 300Hz peak refresh rate, AMD FreeSync compatibility, and unexpectedly good color accuracy, the IPS panel works well as an additional display for a home desktop or laptop or with more expensive hardware like the PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch. The monitor’s shine was somewhat muted by its high price, absence of an internal battery, and cheap build, but not enough to detract from its overall outstanding performance.

With three thin matte black bezels encircling the 17.3-inch full HD (1,920 by 1,080 pixels) display on the left, right, and top, the NexiGo monitor has a recognizable and unoffensive appearance. The left flank of the monitor has a DC/PD power port, an HDMI 2.0 port, and a USB-C port. Volume controls, an onscreen display (OSD) settings button, and a USB 2.0 port are located on the right. If you flip the screen over, a kickstand is nestled into a little bulge. The stand is large enough and rather solid, so I didn’t think it would collapse under the weight of the screen.

Lenovo ThinkVision M14d
Best Portable Monitor for Taller-Screen

The ThinkVision M14 is a mobile monitor that is incredibly light and thin. No matter where work takes you, its 14-inch screen enables you to comfortably expand your workplace. The ThinkVision M14 is compatible with notebooks with any screen size that has a USB Type-C connector that supports PD2.0 and DP1.2 Alt mode. With only one plug, you may use it to duplicate or enlarge your laptop display. The monitor’s ambidextrous design, which makes it easy for left- and right-handed people to work together, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge USB Type-C connectors all improve user experience. The ThinkVision M14 is perfect for mobile productivity since it is jam-packed with amazing features for portability, connectivity, and flexibility.

Do you want to improve your productivity on the go with a mobile device? See the ThinkVision M14 in action. This ultraportable 14″ FHD mobile display is a terrific way to present content with clients and coworkers, and it connects to your laptop via USB-C to provide you with extra screen real estate for your own work. With ports on both sides, it is suitable for both right- and left-handed users and features an ergonomic design that allows you to adjust the viewing angle. It also includes a sturdy sleeve for portability and protection. ThinkVision M14: The cutting-edge approach to productivity on the go.

Acer SpatialLabs View ASV15-1B Best Portable Monitor for Glasses-Free 3D

For good reason, the Acer SpatialLabs View ASV15-1B ($1,099.99) is by far the priciest portable monitor we have examined. Apart from featuring a built-in battery and an SD card slot, the ASV15-1B is also capable of displaying images, videos, models, and games in three dimensions without the need for 3D glasses. It functions best with media (like games) that already have a 3D component, and it can be difficult to reach the sweet spot for 3D viewing by lining up your position in front of the screen and staying mostly motionless. Still, for gamers with extra cash to spend on 3D testing, the SpatialLabs View is a worthy option.

A 15.6-inch in-plane switching (IPS) screen with a 4K UHD (3,840 by 2,160 pixel) resolution is superimposed with a thin lenticular lens that is invisible to the spectator to create the stereoscopic 3D display of the ASV15-1B. This lens does not affect 2D material; instead, it divides an image into left and right stereo frames for 3D viewing. With the use of a unique dual-camera technology, the ASV15-1B can accurately convey its 3D images using eye tracking.

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