A one-time purchase of Microsoft Office 2024 will be available.

A one-time purchase of Microsoft Office 2024 will be available.

Now, the rumors are confirmed as true. This comes after rumors that Microsoft would once more sell the most recent edition of Office (formally known as Microsoft 365) as a one-time item in addition to a subscription service. Microsoft has officially announced it!

Later in 2024, Microsoft 365, also known as Microsoft Office, will release its next edition. Apart from being available as a one-time purchase from Microsoft, the program will also be available for Mac and support both 32- and 64-bit versions. What we know about it is as follows:

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium ESD

The business highlights that you can purchase Microsoft Office 365 2024 and use it indefinitely in a blog post regarding the impending preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024. Naturally, this only makes sense up until the support’s five-year expiration. Microsoft Office 2024 will no longer receive security upgrades once support ends, making it dangerous to use.

This disclaimer only pertains to Office LTSC, a version of Microsoft Office designed for business use and government agencies. But the most intriguing question for individual users is whether Microsoft would make Office 2024 available as a free download.

Expect the following from the most recent version of Microsoft Office 364:

  • Microsoft Office 2024, the replacement for Office 364 for home users, will be released in 2024.
  • Updates will be provided by Microsoft over the ensuing five years.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is available for one-time purchase.
  • Additionally, Office 2024 for macOS will be published.
  • Except for ARM devices, Office 2024 is compatible with Windows 10.
  • Office 2024 is 32-bit compatible.
  • The cost doesn’t alter.

Price comparison between Microsoft Office Home and Business in 2021

Whether you want the one-time payment version with no ongoing fees or the subscription model with yearly fees, keep in mind that the one-time payment version only gets security and repair updates. The additional features are exclusively accessible for the subscription model.

Testers will be able to access the Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 preview in April of that year. Teams are absent from Microsoft Publisher, which is being discontinued by the firm in favor of Teams being downloaded independently.

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