Windows is holding PC handhelds, according to Microsoft’s head of gaming.

Windows is holding PC handhelds, according to Microsoft’s head of gaming.

Windows indeed runs on portable gaming handhelds like the Lenovo Legion Go and the Asus ROG Ally. But Xbox seems to have the advantage over Windows if Microsoft were to produce such a system.

Phil Spencer, the chief of Microsoft’s Xbox division and gaming division, stated in an interview with Polygon that he wants portable gaming consoles, such as the Lenovo Legion Go or the ROG Ally, to feel “more like an Xbox.” However, the most devastating quotation places the finger at Windows: He claimed that Windows-based issues more often than device-based issues irritate him.

To be fair, consoles and PCs are now included in Microsoft’s Xbox brand. You can play Xbox Series X games on a console, at least in most cases, if you launch the Xbox app on Windows. There is some overlap. Spencer told Polygon that he’s curious to see whether adding hardware or software could make portable consoles more like the Xbox.

So no, Spencer did not reveal the existence of a portable, handheld Xbox system. Nevertheless, Polygon’s quotes were all inclined in that manner. Spencer expressed his admiration for Valve, Lenovo, and Asus for their innovative approach to creating a new form factor. “And I will admit that nine times out of ten, it feels almost more like a console than a PC when I’m playing on those devices.”

For practically decades, Microsoft has been discussing the creation of a portable gaming device. Additionally, improved portable gaming was made possible with an Xbox software upgrade in 2023. All Spencer seems to be implying is that Microsoft would have to decide between adopting an Xbox strategy or a Windows/Surface strategy if it were to release a portable game system. Additionally, Microsoft’s resident gaming expert Phil Spencer would rather it originate from Xbox.

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