Which laptops are better, the Intel Core Ultra or the 14th-generation Core HX?

Which laptops are better, the Intel Core Ultra or the 14th-generation Core HX?

You can choose between Intel’s 14th-generation Core HX CPU and its 14th-generation Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) when purchasing a new laptop for the first time in a long time. Which one, and why, should you buy? We’ll discuss the variations between the two platforms, using some testing to highlight the variances.

Since there aren’t many changes from the 13th generation “Raptor Lake” notebook platform that launched a year ago, we’ve already gone further into Intel’s 14th generation Core HX, or “Raptor Lake Refresh” platform. The two platforms are fairly similar, as suggested by their codenames. However, the aim and design of Intel’s Meteor Lake are very different.

The 14th-generation Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh are branded as “Core Ultra” by Intel, in line with what is stated on the box. Executives have stated that Intel will retain the brands of its later generations, such as Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake, and will do so without making the generational divisions of earlier years. That confuses us. When required, you’ll notice that we refer to both the architecture and the brand for clarity’s sake.)

In other words, it seems that Intel and its partners will utilize the Core Ultra brand for AI PCs that prioritize extended battery life. Performance and gameplay are the goals of the Core HX. However, there will probably be some overlap. An example of this is the recently released Asus notebooks, which divide productivity and creativity.

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