Save now on the best graphics cards with Black Friday!

Save now on the best graphics cards with Black Friday!

One of the most crucial purchases when constructing a PC from the ground up for gaming will be the graphics card. Regretfully, GPU prices have surged in the last few years, with the most advanced models costing well over a thousand dollars. While GPU deals haven’t always been that good, you can still use the money you save to get a stronger GPU or another one. Fortunately, there are some fantastic Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of. Consider looking at Black Friday prices on RAM, CPUs, and AIO coolers while you’re building your computer.

Black Friday Deals on the Best NVIDIA Graphics Card

A benefit of choosing an Nvidia card is the improved ray tracing and upscaling technology available, particularly with the most recent RTX 40 series. Having said that, keep in mind that not all games support RTX DLSS, so before you do anything, make sure to look through the list of compatible titles.

Best Black Friday Offers for AMD Graphics Cards

In general, AMD offers greater raw performance than Nvidia, which is fantastic if you’re not concerned in things like upscaling, even though AMD has access to DLSS technology and its ray tracing isn’t as good. An excellent option if you’re looking to save a little money is to go with an AMD GPU because they are typically less expensive for the same processing capability.

How to Select the Proper Graphics Card for Your Computer

The first and essential item to consider when selecting a graphics card is the resolution and refresh rate you wish to use; the higher these numbers are, the more processing power you will require. Most lower to affordable cards will be able to run 1080p at 144Hz without any issues, even with a high graphics setting. Mid-range GPUs are minimal if you want to go with a 2k resolution, while mid-to-high-end cards are the best option if you want to target 144Hz with high graphical settings. Even the most powerful cards will not be able to achieve 4k resolutions 144Hz at high graphics; as a result, you will probably need to drastically reduce your graphics quality, which may ultimately negate the goal of your efforts.

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