Rock Paper Pencil review: the iPad upgrade every artist needs

Rock Paper Pencil review: the iPad upgrade every artist needs

Every artist’s toolkit should include Astropad’s Rock Paper Pencil, a textured screen protector, and a replaceable Apple Pencil tip.
Since the introduction of the Apple Pencil, the iPad has become an invaluable tool for creative individuals. Even while we think Apple did a fantastic job, writing and drawing on the iPad still has room for growth.

The Astropad Rock Paper Pencil package is a game-changer for artists wishing to improve their iPad writing and drawing capabilities. With an easy-to-apply texture, a fine ballpoint tip for unmatched control, and a paper-like texture, this screen cover was created with accuracy and realism in mind.

Review of the Rock Paper Pencil: design

The matte coating of Astropad’s Rock Paper Pencil screen protector reduces glare and emulates the feel of paper. The original iPad model was magnetically linked to the screen and was easily detachable. The application process was simple for this new version, which adheres more like a conventional screen protector using static cling.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, even though we liked the previous version a little bit more. With the new version, it seems like you should probably leave it on your iPad to avoid dust accumulation when you reapply it. To be fair, though, we didn’t remove the original version from our iPad, so it did sustain some minor scratches. It seems like this second version will last a lot longer. Once more, it’s not a huge concern.

The Rock Paper Pencil combines a specially designed Apple Pencil tip with an expertly manufactured screen protector, unlike some options that only alter the texture of the screen or the Pencil tip. We love this method. Combining the two makes using your iPad seem strikingly like writing on paper, which reduces the strain on your hands when sketching and taking notes.

Review of the Rock Paper Pencil: Using it

The slick surface of the iPad’s glass screen is a typical source of aggravation for artists as it can make stroke uniformity difficult. Additionally, it may result in crippling hand cramps when working or writing for extended periods. You’ll discover that you have far more control over how you lay down a line if you reinstate that slight friction. Taking notes enhances the writing experience and makes our handwriting far more readable than when we write on an empty iPad screen.

Precise control is ensured by the ultra-fine ballpoint tip, producing precise and controlled lines that genuinely resemble writing or sketching with a ballpoint pen. Long-lasting durability is also promised by the wear-resistant pencil tip and screen protector.

Rock Paper Pencil

Using Procreate for extended periods did not cause hand pains; this is not the case when using the Apple Pencil straight on the iPad screen. It’s something you have to see for yourself, but if you’re an iPad-based artist, we highly suggest giving it a try. The screen protector’s usage of nano-texture technology also lessens reflections and glare while in use. If you work in an especially light environment, such as an office with plenty of windows, this is fantastic.

You should be aware that you will smear the screen protector. You will get some fingerprints on this screen protector as you use it, pretty much regardless of what you do The product’s usage of nano-texture technology has the benefit of not allowing any streaks to be seen when viewed directly. The drawback is that cleaning could be a little more challenging. To clean it, Astropad suggests using 70% isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free wipe. To completely clean it, it could take several tries even though this procedure is effective.

All things considered, we love the Rock Paper Pencil. Its glare reduction is remarkable, and it not only makes writing and drawing on your iPad much more pleasant. We may have found the finest iPad screen protector for artists yet with this one.

Rock Paper Pencil pros

  • Added friction makes writing, and drawing comfortable
  • Custom pen tip improves accuracy
  • Very easy to install
  • Damage-free removal
  • Easy to apply

Rock Paper Pencil cons

  • Some users may prefer the original magnetic attachment style

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