Review of the new Dell G16: A cheap gaming console with a huge power supply

Review of the new Dell G16: A cheap gaming console with a huge power supply

If you think Dell’s Alienware gaming line is too expensive, you might want to check out the 16-inch Dell G16. Although its performance is good and its QHD+ display is respectable, a low price inevitably comes with one or two drawbacks. We’ll identify them for you. Our evaluation of the Dell G1, which sports an i7-13650HX, an RTX 4060 at 140 watts, and a 1,600p display, is now complete. Right now, this configuration is available for just under US$1,400. Alternatively, for a little bit extra, you can purchase the system in a powerful version that includes the RTX 4070 and the i9-13900HX.

Customers purchasing our test device will find it to be somewhat of a massive, heavy gaming laptop, but it has one distinct benefit over many of its rivals: because of its size, it even stays quieter during gaming without compromising performance below what is expected given the installed hardware. Naturally, the low cost also means that you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Apart from that, its “old” 720p webcam might not put off every gamer, and its drawbacks are more like minor annoyances than compelling arguments against buying.

The fact that the G16 is hefty and big has already been highlighted. Its 1.5-kilogram 330-watt power supply is similarly large and heavy, even though our test system only uses 185 watts when gaming and peaks briefly at 255 watts under extreme stress! Dell may use a power supply that’s far too large for the RTX 4060 and the i7 so they won’t have to send out separate power supplies for the two setups. Sadly, as the laptop moves, the power connection isn’t very secure either and tends to slowly come loose.

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