Review of the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy 80 keyboard: It’s cushiony, strong, and available in sci-fi cyan.

Review of the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy 80 keyboard: It’s cushiony, strong, and available in sci-fi cyan.

You can get the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 as a bare-bones kit or pre-built. While the barebones kit only includes switches and keycaps, the pre-built version is fully assembled and operational. There are five color options for either version: white, black, blue, purple, and pink.

Prebuilt models retail for $105.99, but they are also available on Amazon for just $99.99. Feker Marble White linear switches with Doubleshot PBT MDA profile keycaps are part of it. A rubber USB Type-C cable that can be detached, a switch and keycap puller, and extra switches are also included in the package. Durability shouldn’t be an issue because the Galaxy80 weighs a substantial 5.32 pounds and measures 16.42 x 7.48 x 2.6 inches. This is primarily because of the full aluminum alloy case.


The Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 is a TKL keyboard that lacks only the number pad, making it a “tenkeyless” option. It features nine media and action keys on the right side, a full row of function keys at the top, and a full set of standard-size primary keys on the left. The majority of users only require those keys, but if you absolutely must have a number pad, you may be better off with something like the Lofree Block.

Upon picking up the Galaxy80, one thing that caught my attention right away was the build quality. This keyboard feels and looks fantastic thanks to its aluminum alloy shell with a matte powder-coated finish. Because of its weight, it won’t tip over on your desk, especially with the support of the rubber feet that hold underneath.

Additionally, the inside is premium. The Galaxy80 offers an incredibly plush typing experience thanks to its gasket construction and five layers of padding. The primary keys flex on the gasket pads when you apply pressure to them. If mechanical keyboards mounted on gaskets are new to you, they’re a pleasure to type on. The additional flex provided by the gasket pads enhances sound quality by cushioning each keystroke.

With the shortcut Fn+Enter, you may switch between the 19 different lighting effects available on the fully illuminated Galaxy 80. The shortcut Fn+| allows you to change the color of the solid lighting mode. You can also vary the brightness of the lighting by holding down the function key and using the up and down arrow keys. A cute little touch is the little LED strip above the arrow keys, which is constantly showing a little rainbow wave.

I really liked the Galaxy 80’s concealed USB dongle storage as a novel feature. A small star feature can be seen in the case’s lower right corner. The garage is covered by a magnetic door that houses the 2.4GHz USB receiver. Those who carry their keyboard from home to the business or school may find this design to be quite useful.


The Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 might be the ideal choice if you want to test out a mechanical keyboard but don’t want loud switches to bother you or other people who are working nearby. Thanks to five layers of padding and a gasket construction inside the case, typing on it is light and comfortable. The Faker Marble White linear switches are silent and gratifying as well.

The Galaxy80 sounds like pop music. It was similar to the Epomaker x Leobog Hi75 switches, which had some of the best-sounding keys I’ve ever tested but scaled back. With a low actuation force of about 45 grams, the linear switches on the Galaxy80 keyboard let you type all day without experiencing finger fatigue or cramping. The space bar and other stabilizers in the larger keys are also smooth and silent.

The Galaxy80 comes with matching keycaps that have a lovely matte texture on top due to their construction from double shot PBT. The MDA profile combines big, centered legends with XDA and Cherry forms. You may, of course, replace the MDA keycaps with any other standard set if that’s not your thing. See our guide to keycap profiles and materials if you’re not sure which style is best for you.


For anyone in search of an all-purpose keyboard, the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80 is a terrific choice because of its light linear switches, which are excellent for typing and gaming. The Feker Marble White switches can keep up with the rapid-fire games and rapid-fire typing. I typed on the Galaxy80 at a speed of 95 wpm and 97% accuracy on the Monkeytype typing test, which is faster than my typical desktop typing speed of 84 wpm and 93% accuracy.

I spent several hours playing Minecraft and a few rounds of Roboquest among my favorite games to test the Galaxy80. Roboquest’s fast-paced, rapid-trigger gameplay was matched by the Galaxy80’s linear switches. My double-tapping to sprint in Minecraft never caused the Galaxy80 any problems, and keystrokes were always swift and accurate.

Feker Marble White switches can still perform well even though they aren’t as quick as specialized gaming switches like Hall Effect or magnetic switches. With its balanced design and wide range of functions, the Galaxy80 keyboard is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a wonderful typing experience with the bonus of supporting light gaming on the side.

Epomaker X Feker Galaxy 80


There are several advantages to the Epomaker x Feker Galaxy80, including its smooth, light switches and high-end construction. It’s great for typing, especially if you’re looking for a reasonably loud keyboard with acceptable sound quality. It also offers lots of flexibility for any workstation configuration with three different connecting options. Even when playing light games or practicing speed typing, it can keep up.

For those who desire a single keyboard for multiple purposes, the Galaxy80 is a great all-purpose option. However, given its cheaper cost and the presence of a volume knob, the Epomaker x Leobog Hi75 ($105) might represent a better deal for some customers. Similarly, if you are looking for a gaming keyboard in particular, the Endgame Gear KB65HE, which costs less than $50 more and has ultra-fast Hall Effect switches, would be a better fit. For more options, check out our guide to the top gaming keyboards.

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