Review of Sabrent Rocket Nano 2242: The ideal SSD for picky Thinkpads

Review of Sabrent Rocket Nano 2242: The ideal SSD for picky Thinkpads

M.2 slots vary in length even though they are all 22 mm wide. Generally, they are either 30mm (Steam Deck and other gaming handhelds) or 80mm (your typical desktop or laptop).

However, certain devices have a distance of 42mm between the contacts and the rear mounting screw, most notably the Lenovo Legion Go and Thinkpads. You would require a somewhat awkward adapter to fit a 2230 SSD in such a space. A true 2242 SSD, such as the Sabrent Rocket Nano 2242, which is reviewed here, is a more sophisticated solution.

What are the features of the Rocket Nano 2242?

Once more, the copper and blue-decorated Sabrent Nano 2242 is made especially for gadgets like Lenovo’s Thinkpads and Legion Go. It will, however, function flawlessly in other computers that have an M.2 slot that measures 2242 (22 mm wide by 42 mm long). Its main selling point is an adapter-free fit, as was previously mentioned.

The Rocket Nano 2242 is a single-sided, PCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe SSD with a DRAM-less design that uses the host memory buffer, or HMB, for main caching. The PhisonE27T controller is used with a 162-layer TLC (Triple-Level Cell/3-bit) NAND.

Although Sabrent did not provide a TBW (terabytes that may be written) rating, the Rocket Nano 2242 is covered by a five-year warranty (after registration). Aim for about 600TBW for every 1TB of TLC drive capacity, as it is the industry standard.

What is the price of Rocket Nano 2242?

At $100, the Rocket Nano 2242 is presently only offered in a 1TB capacity. But according to the business, 2TB and 4TB terabyte capacities will be available soon.

There is little chance that you will write that much in five years. Seagate offers TBW assurance, but as far as we know, the business does not presently sell a 2230 or 2242 SSD.

Since the 2TB Sabrent Rocket 2230 costs $220, I would estimate that the 2242 model will cost about that as well. The 4TB model will probably cost about $450, and there will probably be a small upcharge for those who desire greater capacity. When I say “guess,” I mean it; do not hold me to it.

Is the 2242 better to purchase or the Nano?

The Sabrent Rocket Nano 2242 is a classy option if you want to upgrade the storage in a device that has a 2242 M.2 slot. It works well, is reasonably priced, and has a nice, copper-colored design.

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