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Purchase this HP monitor for $74.60 with a year of Microsoft 365 and NordVPN.

Purchase this HP monitor for $74.60 with a year of Microsoft 365 and NordVPN.

When I saw this deal on the monitor, my jaw dropped to the ground like a cartoon. It’s so sugary sweet that it will give you toothaches. For as little as $74.60, Antonline is offering the HP V22V G5 monitor along with a year of NordVPN and Microsoft 365.

That is an outrageously high cost for all those perks. The NordVPN membership will help safeguard your online privacy, and the HP monitor is a nice choice for both casual gaming and daily use. The icing on the cake is the Microsoft 365 subscription, which comes with Word and Excel.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the specs. With a resolution of 1920×1080 and a refresh rate of 75Hz, the pictures on the 22-inch HP V22v G5 monitor should be as smooth as your mother’s homemade butter. Additionally, it has AMD FreeSync, which matches the refresh rate of the monitor with the GPU of your PC to minimize screen tearing. The price-inclusive NordVPN and Microsoft 365 subscriptions will be offered as digital downloads. You will be charged $69.99 a year for your Microsoft 365 membership after the first year of purchase.

This is a fantastic offer, but I don’t think it will last long because a year of Microsoft 365 Personal normally costs $70, and that amount drops significantly when a monitor and NordVPN are added. Seize it before it disappears forever.

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