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On June 10, Apple will host WWDC again. What to expect and how to watch

On June 10, Apple will host WWDC again. What to expect and how to watch

The dates of Apple’s 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference are set for June 10–14, so mark your calendars for a barrage of announcements regarding iOS, macOS, visionOS, and other products. All of this year’s presentations, like those from last year’s WWDC, will be accessible online. In-person events are also offered, however, admission is free for all.

This is a brief preview of the announcements that WWDC 2024 may bring, along with information on how to watch online.

WWDC 2024: Software is the main focus, but what about “one more thing”?

The most anticipated WWDC 2024 announcement is iOS 18. But this isn’t your average iOS upgrade. It is said to be among the largest in Apple’s history, with a focus on artificial intelligence.

It might include a much-needed update for Siri to incorporate large-scale language model technology, enabling it to function on par with ChatGPT. Apple is reportedly aiming to incorporate AI technology into iOS with new capabilities for Apple Music, Apple Health, and iMessage, according to rumors and leaks. Similar AI integration may potentially be present in the upcoming macOS and iPadOS releases.

Tim Cook has already stated that artificial intelligence will be a major feature of any future Apple announcements. He alluded to a significant announcement that will occur later in the year during a February quarterly earnings call, noting that Apple is devoting “a tremendous amount of time and effort” to artificial intelligence. Therefore, it’s likely that he was alluding to the additional AI capabilities that iOS 18 would provide.

A visionOS upgrade is also anticipated, which might improve the first-generation Apple headset’s performance and optimize it. (Of course, software updates are unlikely to stop the front glass from spontaneously cracking as several customers are claiming.)

Although software updates and improvements are the main focus of Apple’s WWDC presentations, there have also been unexpected hardware revelations. Tom Cook debuted the Vision Pro during a “One More Thing” presentation at last year’s WWDC. Thus, while it is regrettably doubtful, it is not inconceivable that we will also hear about a hardware announcement. A Vision Pro controller is said to be among the lesser hardware advancements we might see at this year’s WWDC, but software is expected to take center stage.

How to watch WWDC 2024

The easiest places to view Apple’s WWDC 2024 presentations are on the main Apple YouTube channel, where the event was live webcast last year, or the official Apple Developer YouTube account. Apple hasn’t disclosed the exact timing of the presentations, but they normally begin at 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

As the event draws nearer, don’t forget to visit the official WWDC 2024 event page on the Apple Developer website, where you may find additional information. Be sure to check back for more on Apple AI, iOS 18, and other topics as we will be monitoring in real-time and providing updates.

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