Microsoft announced that Surface and Windows AI will be held in March following leaks.

Microsoft announced that Surface and Windows AI will be held in March following leaks.

Did Microsoft decide it was time to establish a date after witnessing the leak of its newest Surface devices in all of their gradually enhanced glory? Or did the leak happen by accident and the event was always going to happen? Not that it matters all that much, but the world might never know. Microsoft announced earlier this week that a new “Digital event” will happen on March 21st, following a very significant leak.

“Progressing the novel epoch of labor with Copilot,” reads the announcement page’s headline. “Check out the latest on scalably AI in your environment with Copilot, Windows, and Surface” is what comes next. Apart from the knowledge that the event will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific time, noon Eastern, that is all the relevant information available.

The very purposeful arrangement of that advertisement, in my opinion, is instructive. Microsoft practically gives Copilot the headline, with Windows and Surface receiving “also starring” mentions towards the conclusion of the copy. It’s obvious that, similar to the previous major presentation in September, artificial intelligence will take centre stage even with fresh additions to the company’s flagship hardware line. This is this year’s general trend for everything.

Having said that, there will undoubtedly be updates about Surface, including the Surface Pro 10 tablet and Surface Laptop 6 leaks. It appears that the former will receive new Thunderbolt connectors, an updated body design, and perhaps even an ARM-based CPU option. The latter is said to get an enhanced webcam, NFC, and an OLED screen—a first for the Surface Pro series.

Naturally, until Microsoft makes a change, this is all still officially unofficial. As we wait to bring you all the news, we’ll be watching with bated breath and tapping our keyboards.

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