With the new ‘all-terrain’ computers that Asus is releasing, you can edit on a hilltop.

With the new ‘all-terrain’ computers that Asus is releasing, you can edit on a hilltop.

I’m not really into heights; it took me several strong pale ales to be convinced to climb Toronto’s CN Tower. I’m still intrigued by the idea of having a laptop that you can use at the top of a mountain, so screw my acrophobia.

On June 3, Asus is scheduled to unveil a new line of laptops that are marketed as “all-terrain” at the Computex show in Taiwan. According to the company, its new ProArt series of lightweight equipment can resist temperatures as high as 15,000 feet, excessive humidity, and extremely hot conditions. Bear Grylls should definitely be contacted since a laptop designed specifically for harsh outdoor environments would be ideal for British troopers.

Keeping with the military motif, the ProArt series has passed MIL-STD 810 certification, an assessment created by the US Department of Defense to determine how well equipment can endure the most extreme environmental circumstances. Thus, you’ll be happy to hear that if you’re a content maker who frequently climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, you can camp 4,000 feet below the summit and still edit movies.

And multimedia creators are the target market for the Asus ProArt line. These devices, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes (including a tablet, a more convertible model, and a classic clamshell design), are made to assist you in creating movies outside.

Although the ProArt lineup’s exact specifications are still unknown, the video above appears to reveal that at least one model will include a 4K OLED display—a feature that prosumer film editors will find useful.

Similar to other recently released laptop models, Asus’ Windows 11 systems will incorporate artificial intelligence in some capacity; however, the precise AI functionalities that the ProArt machines will utilize remain unknown as of this writing. It’s encouraging to see the ProArt series adopt a forward-thinking orientation, even though I’m not sure whether my first reaction, stranded on a boat during a violent storm, would be, “Oh good, my AI laptop can more effectively let me edit videos.”

But I’ll probably stick to evaluating the best gaming laptops in my terribly boring but secure Scottish apartment before June 3rd arrives.

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