There will be two versions of the new Galaxy Book4 Edge, both with 3K displays and a new Qualcomm CPU.

There will be two versions of the new Galaxy Book4 Edge, both with 3K displays and a new Qualcomm CPU.

Recently, pictures of Samsung’s next laptop, the Galaxy Book4 Edge, have appeared online. Although the technology it will run on has previously been leaked, this is the first time we have seen a glimpse of the device’s design. The first set looks to be marketing photos and is sourced from the tech news website WinFuture. The article claims that there will be two models available at launch: a 14-inch standard model and a 16-inch Pro model.

Compared to the rest of the Galaxy Book4 lineup, they feature a lighter color palette, which makes them intriguing. The report refers to it as “Artic Blue” and includes gray keys. The keyboards on the other devices, which are all black, are housed in a darker shade of silver. In keeping with its “Edge” name, the new Galaxy Book4 appears noticeably thinner than its predecessors, although we are not sure by how much. There was no information about the laptop’s size in the WinFuture leak.

It should come as no surprise that the thinner design has fewer ports available. The 14-inch laptop contains a headphone jack, an HDMI port, and two USB ports. Pictures of the 16-inch laptop display the same configuration, along with an SD card slot and a USB-A port.

Hardware specifications

There exist several commonalities between the two. It is reported that both have 3K-resolution AMOLED panels. Each contains a Copilot key that provides immediate access to Microsoft’s AI and a cooling vent near the bottom. It is crucial to note that, despite their lack of details, WinFuture’s source asserts that a third Galaxy Book4 variant will exist.

The Korea Certification Mark website had another set of photos of the Book4 Edge pair, which were then uploaded to the Korean social media platform Naver. The 14-inch and 16-inch models are displayed with a different color scheme but in more natural lighting. They have a more neutral-looking silver tone instead of being as blue. The launch date of the laptop is unknown. On July 10, Samsung is planning to have its subsequent Galaxy Unpacked event. The two laptops were expected to launch at the same time as other Galaxy devices, such as the Z Flip 6.

The laptop’s price is not known. even though their projected cost is high, according to WinFuture, one of the laptops would run you about €1,800, or roughly $2,000 or £1,540.

Powerful hardware

Previous leaks have revealed some fascinating information about the performance of the Galaxy Book 4 Edge. WinFuture stated back in early March that the laptop will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chipset rather than one from the more widely used Intel Core Ultra series. The Snapdragon X has generated a good deal of excitement because tests have demonstrated that it performs noticeably better than Apple’s M3 chipset. Finally, a laptop from Samsung could be able to “kill the MacBook.”

It remains to be seen if this is the case. The Samsung final device may function differently from the Snapdragon X Elite testing, which was conducted in a closed environment. Naturally, you should consider what you read here to be speculative. Anything can always change.

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