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Review of the Lexar SL600: A quick, reasonably priced portable SSD with a unique look

Review of the Lexar SL600: A quick, reasonably priced portable SSD with a unique look

For your money, Lexar’s SL600 is a competitive option for 20Gbps USB storage. It equals the competition with style, but it doesn’t outperform it in terms of price or performance.

What are the Lexar SL600’s features?

The Lexar SL600 is an external SSD with a 20Gbps USB 3.2 x 2 (Superspeed 20Gbps) form. It is about 2.2 inches broad, 0.42 inches thick, and 4.38 inches long at its longest point. It weighs 2.3 ounces. It has a fairly big handle on the end and is charcoal grey.
Naturally, I’m referring to a rather huge handle for a tiny external SSD. In actuality, it could only fit the digits of a little child, and something this small doesn’t need a handle. However, you may wish to fasten it to a lanyard. When you consider that design element’s application to the RGB lighting on the unit’s SL660 Blaze cousin, it becomes more logical.

Whatever. I enjoy how it looks, and the SL600 is simple to identify among its rivals that are scattered throughout my office thanks to its distinctive appearance. The SL600 is covered by a five-year limited guarantee from Lexar. Although the limits were not stated, they likely include being dropped from a tall building, being struck by a road leveler, and enduring more than 600 TBW, or terabytes written, which is the TLC SSD parity.

Although Lexar didn’t specifically state what kind of NAND was used, it’s most likely TLC considering the SL600’s performance when writing natively (after the secondary cache is depleted) and the impending 4TB version. As certain as NVMe is within. I didn’t want to open it up to make sure, either.

What is the price of the Lexar SL600?

The Lexar SL600 will retail for $130/1TB and $175/2TB (MSRP), with a 4TB capacity that is currently unpriced in the works. Although it is somewhat more expensive than the competing Crucial X10 Pro and Samsung T9 in the 2TB flavor, it is still rather on the high side for the 1TB model. That is in light of the prices we as of this writing discovered on Amazon.

 Lexar SL600

What is the Lexar SL600’s speed?

The 2TB Lexar SL600 we tested performed well across the board, except for the 450GB write, which was mediocre at best. It is not the fastest 20Gbps USB SSD we have tested in any one discipline.

Must you purchase the Lexar SL600?

The solution to the purchasing dilemma primarily relies on cost. As of this writing, the SL600’s performance was comparable to that of its competitors, and as previously said, it was possibly $10 less expensive for a 2TB capacity. If so, purchase it and sip on a few coffees on Lexar.

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