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Get this incredibly quick Razer gaming mouse for just $76.

Get this incredibly quick Razer gaming mouse for just $76.

With its programmable buttons and high dots-per-inch (DPI) count, a gaming mouse can make all the difference in a match’s outcome. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching to buy a new mouse. Now, Amazon is selling Razer’s Basilisk gaming mouse for $73.97, 51% less than the $149.99 list price. That right there is a pretty damn excellent deal.

The Razer Basilisk mouse has a maximum wireless range of 10 feet, 11 configurable buttons, and an absurdly fast DPI of 20,000. It has three thumb buttons that you can utilize for things like push-to-talk because it is made for right-handed gamers. Razer claims the mouse can operate for up to 100 hours when fully charged. Lastly, the mouse features 14 distinct Razer Chroma lighting zones for those who enjoy a little flare.

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