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Pick up a Dell 24-inch IPS monitor for $100.

Pick up a Dell 24-inch IPS monitor for $100.

Dell produces some of the greatest monitors available, and their prices are typically quite competitive as well. Currently, a basic 24-inch Dell monitor is available at Amazon at an incredibly low price of just $99.99, giving you the best of both worlds. Additionally, this extremely affordable display choice employs a premium IPS screen, in contrast to several others.

If you’re not familiar with the many types of LCD panels, in-plane switching (IPS) offers far higher color accuracy at a slightly slower refresh rate than the less expensive VA and TN panels. It’s a desirable feature and not something you frequently see at this price range, for a simple monitor that would work well as an expansion into a multi-monitor system or as an add-on for a laptop.

While the 23.8-inch screen on the Dell Dell S2421HS offers the regular 1920×1080 resolution and a slightly enhanced 75Hz refresh rate, the rest of the specs are a little barren. While DisplayPort and HDMI connections are possible, USB connectors are not present. You may use a regular VESA mount monitor arm in addition to the decent stand that comes with it, which has 90-degree rotation and vertical height adjustment. Excellent for multiple monitor setups once more.

With no mention of when the deal will expire, Amazon is displaying this as a $60 reduction off the standard price. For $119.99, a 27-inch screen with the same design—albeit with only 1080p resolution—is also available.

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