Fast CPU Performance is Available with This Touchscreen Lenovo Chromebook for $111.

Fast CPU Performance is Available with This Touchscreen Lenovo Chromebook for $111.

The Lenovo 2-in-1 Chromebook, with its movable 11.6-inch display, is an excellent mobile media center or home office.

For medium-duty computing, Lenovo’s Chromebooks have always been a solid choice, but don’t discount the earlier models. Purchasing reconditioned equipment is an excellent method to save costs, reduce electrical waste, and obtain dependable devices. As an example, consider this reconditioned Lenovo 2-in-1 Chromebook, which retails for about $110.99 (reg. $475) and has enough features and capability for at-home computing.

The internal hardware has been completely rebuilt, just as with other refurbished computers. It is rated as a Grade “B” refurbishment. It might be somewhat dented or scratched when it arrives, but other than that, it should work fine and have at least 70% of its battery left.

This gently used Lenovo Chromebook is perfect for light working and casual browsing. It has 4GB of RAM, 32GB of local storage, and ChromeOS, which makes it incredibly compatible with Google-integrated apps. This laptop’s 11.6-inch ultra-wide touchscreen is its best feature. After prolonged usage, its anti-glare surface will keep your eyes pleasant, and its touchscreen design enables more intuitive navigation.

My favorite Chromebooks have been from Lenovo since they are comfortable to hold and feel great in the lap when writing a brief report while riding the bus. Three textures make up the black/grey body of the 300e: a diamond-like texture that is quite gripping on the outside, a horizontal grain that runs along both sides of the trackpad, and a texture that feels a little bit gravelly that surrounds the keyboard keys and lies at the bottom of the screen. The combination of these three prevents the 300e from feeling like just another dull black Chromebook, but my personal favorite is the texture behind the keyboard, where I rest my wrists and palms while typing.

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